Monday, March 14, 2011

California Dance Party

Ten things: Vacation Edition

1. Hey! Did you know we went to Disneyland? It was kind of spur of the moment. Like we decided on Tuesday and left on Saturday. Nothing like spontaneous vacations.

2. Remember the whole thing about balancing out on vacations? Yeah it was kind of like that, but more on the positive side, which is pretty sweet.

  The low points:
        a. One of our strollers was stolen (At freaking Disneyland outside the teacups! WHO DOES THAT?!? Don't worry, it was a cheapie $10 wal*mart one we bought when Elliot was a baby.)

The stroller - and the kid who constantly tried to escape it

        b. Elliot peed her pants on the way back to the hotel both days.
        c. During the Peas experience, I discovered that Elliot was 38 1/2" tall, the requirement for some of the fun big kid rides is 40". So I bought her some shoes with super thick soles and did her hair high in hopes I could sneak her onto Star Tours (which was closed, bummer) The only one we attempted was Soarin' over California, and she was, alas, still too shrimpy. I half-expected her to get super upset about it since I got her all excited about it while we were in the fast pass line. She was amazing though. Didn't even bat an eye, Just asked to go see the Muppet 3D Movie again.
        d. On the first day, BOTH Blair and I were silly and forgot to charge our phones the night before... meaning they were both dead by noon. Lame

3. Dude. I'm not such a downer. SO many more high points than low. I was just trying to make it sound all dramatic, which, it really wasn't. Here's Elliot's Monster face.

We had a very magical time. We rode rides, and made friends in lines, and ate over-priced food, and did all the things you do at Disneyland. Yay!

4. Favorite rides: Blair - claimed he was just there to make sure all his girls had a great time (what an excellent little minion) Mary - California Screamin'. Single rider line AMAZING, Elliot and Astoria - Both said Pirates of the Caribbean and The Matterhorn (so brave. Love these kids) Rousseau - The Monsters Inc. Ride (that and It's a Small World. We went on both a billion times I think.)

5. Did you know that little kid hoodies cost $40 there? Now I do.

6. We saw the Aladdin Musical twice. It is pure awesome. If you plan on going there anytime in the near future. Don't. Miss. It.  Best genie jokes (this is more for my memory, apologies)  - Calling the carpet "Sham-Wow" "Tiger blood/Winning" "You can run and tell that, homeboy"

7. We continued our tradition of always running into at least one person we know there. My friend Mary (great name, right?) and her sweet family were hanging out in Tomorrowland with us. If you're in the Cedar City area? Go check her and her husband out at Off the Cuff. They are hilarious.

8. The hotel we stayed in had Bunk Beds. BUNK BEDS!

9. Before the trip I bought a book at wal*mart, and it made me feel incredibly guilty. I'm so sorry Braun Books! Please forgive me!

10. We didn't meet any characters or princesses this time... but you know who we did see?

Blair and I used to watch America's Best Dance Crew. This just happened to be one of my favorite groups on the show. It was amazing, kids! They did a bit of this dance:

Yes this was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. I'm a dance nerd. Before they performed they had loud music playing everywhere and I totally embarrassed my family with my stellar moves.


  1. That is so awesome. Sounds like a blast, I freaking love Disneyland. Did you know I had never been to Disneyland til I was like 21? Yeah. Also, what hotel has bunk beds?! I'm asking seriously. I want/need to know.
    That is all. You are very cool. Your kids are super cute. The end.

  2. Mary
    "Man for 30, Alex"
    "he was just there to make sure all his girls had a great time"
    "What is the definition?"
    "Excellent, Blair"


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