Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sand in my Hair

I took the girls outside (or "ah 'sie?" as Stori calls it) for a little Father's day photo shoot. Elliot is helping me paint and put flower stickers on a picture frame for daddy, and i thought we'd play in the backyard to get a few cute pics. Of course i forgot that Stori hasn't napped yet today. oops. She wasn't the most cheerful of kids. But I got some decent ones anyway. It took me over an hour to get one where they were both smiling.
Wanna know how I did it? I laughed like Goofy (uh-yuck) Astoria thought it was freaking hilarious.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is Lovely

I found this today via Neil Gaiman and his awesomeness.

I donated a little. You can too, if you want.

I wish with all my little heart that I had though of some of these lines.

"Is she very terrible?"

The Green Wind frowned into his brambly beard. "All little girls are terrible," he admitted finally, "but the Marquess, at least, has a very fine hat."

My goal for today is to buy batteries for my camera.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Little Cleaner

I decided to take the background off my blog. I wanted it to look a little less... messy.

Elliot's gem of the week:
"Mommy has holes, and daddy has sparkles."
About a week ago i had a terrifying moment when my sweet pure and honest kid pointed out a friend's mole and said "what happened to your face?" I only wanted to die a little. We saved the situation by pointing out that lots of people have moles and freckles and these are things that make us special. I showed her the mole on my forehead, and the freckles on daddy's arms and face. Yesterday, she apparently remembered the conversation, and lifted up my bangs so she could see mommy's "hole". Then pointed to daddy and showed me all of his "sparkles".

I know that this blog is severely deficient in the picture department, and for that i apologize. i've never been super great at taking pictures. The pictures i do take end up cataloged away on our computer and rarely make it to my work computer which is really where i spend the bulk of my "computer time". So i'll try to work on that. Promise.

In other happenings, we took the girls to their first ever movie in a theater. We saw "UP" in 3D. It was a sweet movie, and Elliot really liked the dog. However, going to the movie in 3D was a mistake. Astoria wouldn't wear the glasses at all and Elliot toughed it out for a little over the first half of the movie, but eventually got sick of hers too and took them off.

This weekend is Blair's birthday and we are celebrating by going to a basketball tournament in Salina. Woot. It would almost be bearable because my dear friend Katie C. lives there... unfortunately she will be out of town. Boo. Oh well. Next week Blair and I are going to SLC for a wedding, so i can make up the birthday date then. It will probably involve Marqutos, Rico, and hopefully some sushi. :)

A few recentish photos...

Elliot's Easter dress
And Astoria's Easter dress...
This is Elliot showing me her "mad face". If only.
Oh, and I graduated College last month. Did I mention that? The red thing on my neck means i'm smart, and the little white circle under my thumb means i'm a writer... i guess. I'm probably going to need to work on that sometime.

love and rockets...