Monday, July 26, 2010

Look to the Cookie

I've been listening to the Pixies, and eating a black and white cookie.

Aaahhh, the nostalgia, it's squashing me. All I really need now is a coconut mocha from the Salt Lake Roasting Co. and I will completely drown in the memories. (Of course the fact that i'm at my desk surrounded by freshly sharpened pencils and embarrassingly out-of-date computers kind of ruins the illusion.)

Also, the Black and White cookies here resemble sugar cookies more than they do real Madelaines, but such is life. It's still magical.

Now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to listen to Gigantic for the 18th time today.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's tickets to that thing you love!

I assume everyone is probably sick of hearing about my reading list, so I'll keep this brief (I should probably skip it all together, but it's been the main thing on my mind as of late, so there).
I removed Mockingjay from my summer list since I probably won't have time to get it finished since it is released 4 days before my deadline, and I doubt I'll get it in time.

SO, it's being replaced with Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. I've haven't really read many mysteries, and this one is widely considered a classic in the genre, so there's that. Mockingjay is on the list I'm creating to finish out the year. And I'm VERY excited about some of the books.

To Business!

1. I may not have a camera, but I do have the skills to convince my dad to take a bazillion pictures with his while we were visiting over the 4th.

The Girls and GrandmaPosa (Astoria makes being "really really ridiculously good-looking" look easy)

Elliot is dead serious about her firework picture. Serious as a heart-attack while piloting a zepplin over a bacon factory. (see item 2)

Admire my amazing photo editing skills.

2. I do not wish my husband was the Old Spice guy, and he does, in fact, smell like a man (man), but that doesn't mean we can't stay up way past our bedtime watching these.

3. Equation for the worst day. (Seriously So Blessed + Stuff White People Like) / A full day of nothing to do at work = Feelings of complete unoriginality, self-worth issues, and all around grouchiness. In summation; Avoid.

4. Someday, I would like to take an alone vacation. Not a long one, just maybe a short weekend. Obviously it will be awhile before something like that can happen, by the time Rou will be finished with nursing, we will be thigh-deep in basketball season. I would go someplace rainy and read books outside under an awning at coffee shops and eat lunch someplace ethnic and walk around a city just looking at things. It's tentatively scheduled for Octember 37th, 20someday. I know how selfish and ridiculous that sounds. I know. But maybe the fact that it's logistically impossible makes it all the more alluring.

5. Astoria has the best Zoolander faces i've ever seen.

Blue Steel

Le Tigre


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reading Update

Recently, the book group I was in disbanded. Which affects me greatly since I didn't attend any meetings. Silly. So a couple spots were left open on the list. One has been filled with the Scott Pilgrim series. Partially in preparation for the film, which looks ridiculous, and partially in response to the urging of C. Joe. I trust his judgment when it comes to comic books.

The other spot on the list is still open. I'm still deciding what to fill it with. My plan is that my fall/winter reading list will be a bit more diverse. But I may not be ready to diversify just yet. It's okay though. I'm old and set in my ways. :)

I do like rounded corners.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Crazy Little Lady

My Miss Elliot is Four.

I have a four-year old.

How did this happen?

Four things my Elliot loves:
1. Black Present Bear
2. Standing on her head
3. Making Rousseau laugh
4. Telling *jokes*

Elliot's Four favorite jokes:
1. Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because he wasn't PEELING well!!!
2. What did the old man say to the old woman? Where's my socks!!
3. Why did the ocean talk to the other ocean? Nothing! he was just waving!
(here's where it gets... creative)
4. Peas restaurant? Why do they call it peas restaurant KA-CHOW!!!
(Other jokes in this vein include a question involving some surreal combination of subjects, with the punchline KA-CHOW!!! I have no idea where she got this.)

Elliot and cousin Aspen

Elliot's Four wishes:
1. To be big enough to drive a car and play her Cinderella computer game
2. To be smart like daddy
3. To exercise like mommy
4. To grow up and make a blanket for mommy

Four things I LOVE about my Elliot:
1. The way she starts nearly every sentence with "Actually..."
2. Listening to her very logical explanations of why things happen, like: "Actually Mom, sometimes cars just get broken, and that's why we take them and put them up on big trucks so that they can get fixed." Then she shrugs her shoulders in a very matter-of-fact, that's-just-the-way-things-are-don't-blame-me kind of way.
3. Her gorgeous dark red hair (when it's combed, of course)
4. Her delightful little giggle. I could listen to it all day.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Identity Crisis

First of all, I apologize for my font schizophrenia. It comes to this: I feel the need to express myself and my identity through fonts, and as it turns out... I have no idea exactly who that identity is anymore.
I used to, really! And not just in decorative lettering, oh no. I had a style. I wore band t-shirts nearly every day, I dabbled in pink hair, I made color-based posters out of ripped up magazine ads. I was pretty awesome.

So because I can't find a font that I feel truly epitomizes the real "me" I'm completely questioning my perceived identity.

That's just messed up.

So I finally finished the Mysterious Benedict Society. It was cute. Now I'm reading The Princess Bride and I realize why it took me so long to tromp through M.B.S. and why I am zooming through the marvelous Morgenstern abridgment. William Goldman can write. I know that selecting literature that is aimed at ten year olds may have something to do with it. I am not ten years old (well... not chronologically anyway) therefore I should have seen it coming. HOWEVER. Just because a book is aimed at younger readers should NOT be an excuse for lameness. Don't get me wrong, M.B.S. had some good characters, it had some real potential, and was all in all a moderately enjoyable read. But Harry Potter it ain't.

I'm a little over half way done with my summer reading list now, and have read only 3 so far that I would consider 5 star reads. Though that number may go up soon. Like I said, Princess Bride is amazing. I'm astounded it's taken me SO long to start it. I'm also reading One Hundred Years of Solitude (audio book). LOVING it so far.

Anyway. Tomorrow is Elliot's birthday. Hooray!!

And I'm considering taking up a collection for a new camera. Who wants to read a blog with no pictures on it? Not me.