Thursday, March 31, 2011

A button and things

1. Look, I made a button.

2. I've been spending all my free (and also not-so-free) time thinking about how lovely it would be to have a book exchange party. I've been thinking about the decorations, and food, and the friends. It's an all-consuming thing. Would any of my blog friends like to do this with me? (Ann-Michelle, Utah county is not too far.) Let me know. I would really really like to play.

3. Elliot totally ate it on the sidewalk yesterday.

Poor kid. She must be related to me.

4. I need to spend more time practicing new Zumba routines before I actually go and teach them. I always think I'm ready, but it's usually by the 3rd or 4th time I do it in class when I finally feel comfortable with it. Yesterday I choreographed a routine to the new Avril Lavigne (don't judge) and decided 2 hours later that I could totally teach it. Yeah, that seems reasonable. Right.

5. I have a quick question; do any of you have any experience with a child who has a mortal fear of using the toilet? If so, I'd really really like to chat with you.

6. Punctuation! If it weren't for the Internet telling me how to (and Facebook users reminding me how not to) use it, my life would be controlled by a propensity for comma splices and run-on sentences, which is a really terrible combination.

7. You know what would be really cool? A Lego Lord of the Rings game. (Wow. Did I just get that nerdy?)

8. I work in an office where there are currently four pregnant women, and one who just had a baby 2 months ago. And no I am not next, thank you very much.

9. (Just a heads up, this is a rant. Ok, sorry to slow you down, please continue.) If you sell items from your home (scented wax, jewelry, make-up, kitchen items) I'm sorry, but I am not going to come to your "party". It is not a party. It is a trick! My idea of quality time with friends does not involve a presentation on the amazing benefits of this body scrub, or being made to feel guilty for showing up and eating your snacks and not dropping bundles of cash on some junk that I could probably buy online if I really REALLY felt like I needed it. Does not buying from home sales pitches endanger our friendship? I'd rather not find out. So call me next time you'd like to have family game night, or watch a movie, or cook a meal together. I'd prefer that.

10. Look! It's Rou as the Tenth Doctor!!


  1. I'd (try to) come to a book exchange party. It sounds like my kind of gig. And I think you're a genius for coming up with it.

    I also have a friend named Maurine that is a potty training expert. I was just chatting with her today about Max. You could message her on fb and see if she has any advise for you. I don't know if she knows much about fear of the toilet, but she seems to have pretty good advice about the subject. Good luck. I hate potty training.

  2. Like, buying makeup is so fun! I mean, really, so dang fun. Is your lip gloss tingling? Mine is!

  3. Yes, yes on number 7! Who cares about nerdy - that would be freakishly great.


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