Friday, March 11, 2011

Elder Einfeldt

Hey kids,  Blair's little brother Joel is serving a mission in Tokyo, Japan. So if you happen to have any extra prayers about you, please send them his way, along with the other missionaries (and, well, everyone) in Japan at this time.

Also did you know that the minimum donation for the Red Cross is only $10? I'm pretty sure I can spare a Hamilton or two for Blair's baby brother. It's be pretty great if you could as well.  :)

So far all we know is that Joel is accounted for and that he is safe. We're anxiously awaiting more information.

UPDATE 03/12/11 - We received a short e-mail from Joel letting us know that he is doing well, and is using the yellow work gloves Maureen sent him.:)

Thank you all for your kind support and prayers!


  1. You can text $10 donations to 90999. Cool huh!

  2. Wow, I didn't know he was in Japan--how scary for his family! Sending love his way...

  3. Oh my goodness Mary. I hope/pray he is okay.

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