Thursday, December 31, 2009

Start Spreading the News...


I need ideas.

I like to think of myself as a creative person, but i'm drawing a blank. Tonight Team Einfeldt is doing a New York themed New Years. I'm sure we'll eat New York steaks, New York cheesecake, and drink virgin Manhattans... but other than that i'm stumped. I want to have some fun things for the girls to do, some fancy snacks, and some kind of decorations, however my brain is too occupied with Windows 7 Configuration nonsense, and Weezer's Raditude to be fully functional.

Here's some things i've been thinking of, but by all means if you have any clever thoughts, please let me know asap. ("Whatever that means... probably 'Act Swiftly Awesome Pachyderm!' " Wow. I watch too many cartoons.)

  • Watch Sleepless in Seattle or You've Got Mail, or other similarly New York centered films?
  • Make/wear paper top hats?
  • Build a Lego Empire State Building?
  • Have some Frank Sinatra playing in the background?

Let me know.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The French Woman who Lives in the Jungle

I know i'm not exactly the greatest at posting things frequently... but this time I actually have a legitimate excuse.

Her name is Rousseau Evangeline Einfeldt

7 lbs. 10 oz.
18 1/2 inches long
Lots of dark red hair, and dark eyes
Little mole on her left knee. (it's freaking adorable)
Name is pronounced roo-SO e-VAN-gel-een
She was named after Jean-Jaques Rousseau, a French philosopher, and incidentally, the character Danielle Rousseau from LOST. Evangeline is a poem by Longfellow (As well as a character in the film Nanny McPhee... though I probably shouldn't be admitting to that :) )

Spitting up on her parents
Her loving sisters
Angels and Airwaves
This picture would be great if it weren't for the fact that Elliot was a little less than diligent in keeping Rou's head up. ")

The birth story is as follows:
She took her sweet time getting here. I was induced on December 8th, (4 days after the due date) and while the pitocin definitely got things started, it didn't do much else, except make me throw up. As with my other two girls, I chose NOT to get an epidural (a topic which I have VERY strong feelings about, but probably should not go into at this time. Let me just say that bragging about natural childbirth is like bragging about being a vegetarian or running marathons. Yes it is awesome, and yes you should get a gold star... but as much as you'd like it to be, it's not for everyone). Once She finally decided to come out (10 hours later) it was very very quick. I pushed once. Did you read that? ONCE! It took less than 2 minutes. Wow. I attribute it all to prenatal Yoga and Pilates. ;)

For the last 3 weeks we've been enjoying our little french woman. Elliot is beside herself with happiness. We are constantly having to tell her to stop touching, patting, and trying to pick up the baby. But it's better than the alternative i guess. Astoria loves her, but is a little bit more concerned with the baby cutting into the attention she feels she needs. Blair loves his little cat-napper, and is happy to hold her after spending the first week of her life so far away (I took the girls to SLC with me for a week after she was born).

As for me, i'm tired (obviously) but recovering nicely. I've been to the gym only once so far, but i am really antsy to get back in the habit. I'd also like to fit into my clothes again someday. I'm back at work, but only a little.

My iTunes alphabetical adventure is now to Believe by Yellowcard.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ten things for today

I am at best an indifferent blogger. In fact i'm rather indifferent about quite a lot of things. Cleaning my house, brushing my teeth (and my kids teeth for that matter), making my student loan payment... you get the idea. I really am trying to get better at these things, really I am! Sometimes it's a little misplaced though, for example at any given time my hall bathroom is the cleanest room in the house. No joke, i'll spend a good hour with a bottle of bleach getting my tub and toilet all sparkly and germ-free - but i won't take the 15 minutes required to sweep and mop my kitchen floor, which looks seriously disgusting. Sigh...

ANYway... my point in posting was to just simply list ten little things. Either things i've been thinking about, or things that make me happy, or things that may inspire me to write more. Maybe I can do this on a semi-regular basis? Well... i'm not making any promises.

1. Feta cheese is absolutely delightful.

2. Elliot ate THREE of those little cuties oranges yesterday. I felt like throwing a party.

3. I took a the 2 liter bottle of Sprite to work today, because if it was left at home, it would inevitably be flat by the time I got home because for some reason Blair doesn't like fizzy soda (?!?) but then I felt incredibly guilty and selfish.

4. I love it when people at work have birthdays. "hope it's chocolate for me..."

5. Jim Gaffigan is a hero. Truly.

6. Today is Blair's first basketball game as a head coach. I hope he wins, but more than that, i hope he doesn't give himself an ulcer. I also hope he remembers to iron his shirt... then again if i was a decent wife, I would have ironed it for him... someday i'll get a hang of this wife thing - again, feeling guilty and selfish. Also feeling really REALLY bad for not being there. Should I drive all the way out to Milford? This baby won't come tonight.. right?

7. Remember when me, Marissa, Steph, and Katrina were the Four? I miss those days.

8. The light blue Orbit gum, is the best kind of gum.

9. Right now I have my at work iTunes set to play all the songs in my library in song title alphabetical order. If I let it play straight through, it would take 3.6 days. Currently i'm on "All is Full of Love" by Bjork.

10. I've had a couple contractions today. Finally.

Also, I think baby girl number three has a name. And it's a really good one.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tick... Tick... Tick...

I recently berated my dear Katie C. because she hadn't updated her blog in, like, forever... I realized today that i haven't updated mine in, like, forever either. In my defense, Katie's blog is much more interesting and cleverly funny than mine, especially since she actually takes pictures with her camera, then posts them... an art form I have yet to master.

So, I'm supposed to have a baby sometime soon. Yeah, about that? Am I the only one who has had restrictions imposed by others as to when i'm allowed to actually deliver? Just wondering.

Elliot is finally tall enough to ride the bike we bought her for Christmas LAST year.

And in case you didn't already know, Elliot and Astoria are phenomenal little performers. See?

One last thing.

I really really REALLY like Glee. A lot. If only I could be as awesome as Sue Sylvester...

Sad thing is that there will only be two more episodes between now and April. APRIL. And in it's place? American Idol. Gross. Not to be dramatic or anything, but i'd rather shoot myself in the face than watch American Idol. Not to mention that when Glee returns it will be competing with the final season of LOST. Really FOX? Really? The people who schedule things on TV are all morons. Good thing I married a pirate, right? :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

This is the longest day of work ever.

Sometimes... you are 8 months pregnant and the only thing in the world that will make you happy is a delicious milkshake and some hot, and crispy, and golden, and delicious french fries.

So naturally, you sneak out of work and drive to the Iceberg... only to find that it is now closed. Never mind that the last time you went there was about 7 years ago when you were dating that kid who gave you a VCR and looked like Kenny Vasoli from The Starting Line.

Boo. I want my milkshake.

Also, remember how that guy from the movie Orange County was also Egon in Ghostbusters? "that is neat."

Monday, November 2, 2009

"This is Halloween, Everybody make a scene!"

Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake

I know if you're looking at this blog, you're probably thinking: "Hey lazy... these are the same pictures that you posted on facebook! What gives?"

Well, the one thing this blog has that fbook doesn't, is the elusive *family photo* The only one i have of all of us was taken at my work Halloween party, and was therefore not on my home computer when I uploaded the others.

Also I can't use fbook at work. Boo.

Grumpy Bear (Care Bear), Strawberry Shortcake, Pee Wee Herman, and Rainbow Brite

So, apparently I was the only one who thought the picture was supposed to be us looking like our character. Oh well. Also, you can see that at this point i didn't have all of our costumes completely finished. Elliot and Blair are fine, but i'm missing my ears, and Astoria is missing the front embelishments and hair pretties. But it's okay, you get the idea.

This is my favorite part. The sorting.

After the girls went to bed, I snuck into the bag and stole all the butterfingers. Mmmmmm.
( i also stole the gum, jawbreakers, and anything with peanuts... because those just get spit out into my carpet.)

Friday, October 23, 2009

9 Pages

Every once in awhile, I get the girls to sleep before midnight. Occasionally these nights coincide with the amazing Blair working a grave. So with the house all to myself, I of course catch up on some laundry and make sure the sink is empty of dirty dishes.


I read YA novels.

I'm not sure if YA fiction (usually fantasy) can be classified as guilty pleasure, but throw in a half-a-pint of Ben & Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake... ? There's a reason I wait till I'm alone for these moments.

It's no secret that I enjoy reading very much, and I have read a host of very high-quality authors. J. K. Rowling (twice) and Neil Gaiman to name a few. However it seems as of late I've been much more critical, or perhaps discerning, with the books I've picked up I recently finished Uglies by Scott Westerfield. Meh. It was okay. It ended as a cliffhanger. Boo. I was mildly annoyed to have been robbed of anything resembling an ending, especially since I had really no desire at all to seek out the second book. Not worth my time.
Last night I started reading the first Septimus Heap book on strong recommendations from my sister and parents.
Is 9 pages into a book to early to decide that it's garbage?
I of course sincerely apologize to my family for tearing into a book that they all enjoyed so much, and I know exactly what their argument would be: "It's a great story, you can't get into the plot of the story in just 9 pages!" To that I respond with this. It really wouldn't matter if the author is the greatest storyteller in the world. If the writing is terrible, I can't focus on anything else. And the writing in this book is terrible. I could point out numerous examples, instead I will explain the triumph and also subsequent fear I experienced upon this realization.

First of all, it comforts me to know that all the time, headache, and money spent on an English degree did not completely go to waste. I can decide if a book is any good all by myself now. Good for me. Gold star. I believe what Todd Petersen told me in class is true. Sometimes you can learn more about being a writer by reading a terrible book, than reading a good one. A clever metaphor here and there and a somewhat interesting plot does not excuse for poor sentence construction and indifferent grammar. The really good books are the ones where the writing is so expertly crafted, so that you don't notice it at all and are therefore allowed the freedom to be completely wrapped up in the characters and the story. Of course solid writing isn't everything. Michael Chabon is an incredible writer, but I found Summerland to be completely lacking in the sense of wonder that should exist in a fantastical YA novel. So obviously, some kind of balance must be found.

Now I understand the who the target audience of this book is. But that in my mind is no excuse. Just because the subject matter of a book is intended for younger audiences does not mean that intelligent crafting of the plot, writing style, or description of characters and setting can be ignored or just breezed over. Over the years there have been numerous books that not only successfully engage the minds and imaginations of children but are pretty tolerable, and in some cases even more meaningful when combined with the wisdom and experience of age. Take for example: Peter Pan, The Tale of Desperaux, The Graveyard Book, The Secret Garden, the entire Harry Potter series, Winnie the Pooh (the original of course), The Chronicles of Narnia, Matilda or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Ok. Rant complete.

Here's where I become terrified.

What if someone wants to put me down after 9 pages?

Like 90% of the population, I (foolishly) imagine myself to be a writer, and aspire to complete a novel someday. My biggest concern has always been that I don't have a good enough grasp on what it takes to create a decent plot. And now i'm realizing that if I can't write well in the first place, no one is going to even give my unstable plot ideas a chance.

So my conclusion to all of this? No, i don't have one. I guess i'm not tossing out my dream just yet. I mean, if Septimus Heap books can be published and considered bestsellers despite deplorable writing (and don't even get me started on Meyer...) I still have a shot.


Maybe this all just means I need more education. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Two Year Old

This is my Astoria. She is 2 today!

I love love love this little girl.

Even when she gives me death glares (often), and responds to every question with "NO!" Well, she is 2. i should give her a break. Besides she ate every bite of eggs off my plate at her birthday breakfast at the ihop yesterday. Can't complain about that.

Here are some awesome things you should know about my miss Stori-pie:

  • She is a marvelously artistic dancer. Not just simple kicks and turns, she rolls on the floor, makes pretty poses with her arms, and even throws some yoga poses in the mix.
  • She used the potty for the first time yesterday (all by herself) this is a big deal for me. Elliot is still struggling with this concept. So yes, a very big deal
  • Astoria is named after the little town of Astoria, Oregon. Which is where The Goonies was filmed, and also sung about on the album So Long, Astoria by the Ataris. It's also one of my favorite places on the planet.
  • She is left-handed, which I take a strange kind of pride in.
  • Her favorite thing in the WORLD to do, is take all the sippy cup lids and put them in rows and circles. I need to get a picture of this.
  • She loves to sing pretty songs. My favorite ones she sings are the "Pick it Up" song from Yo Gabba Gabba, and "You've got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

5 is a really big deal.

5 things i love about Blair:
1. he kept a really good secret for our anniversary date, which is a pretty tough thing for him to do.
2. he is the most perfect combination of freckles, eyes, and handsome.
3. he takes anything he is interested in very seriously. He doesn't just like LOST, basketball, and literature, he is consumed by it.
4. he doesn't laugh out loud often, but when he does it's absolutely magical
5. he tells me i look good, even when i'm 7 months pregnant

5 amazing things we got to do on our 5 year anniversary:
1. watch Thriller by Odyssey dance company
2. stay in a gorgeous room at the Anniversary Inn
3. eat some intensely delicious local cuisine
4. play in rose petals and waterfalls
5. watch our very adorable offspring play in a hay maze and pumpkin patch

5 happy moments we've had together:
1. the monsoon in AZ
2. ocean kayaking at Catalina
3. front row for Format, RXB, Straylight Run and Jack's (with a very pregnant belly)
4. NCAA tourney 2006
5. that one time when we watched Will Ferrel on Jay Leno doing the Goulet thing, and he laughed so hard he had tears

5 ways i know he'll be my sweetie for ever and eternity:
1. we still make CDs to listen to on long car drives and never get to hear them because we are too deep in conversation
2. he is an amazing, fun, and creative daddy
3. he always believes that i can do something amazing, even if i don't
4. he does P90X with me, and doesn't make fun of me when i wuss out on the pull-ups
5. he eats what i cook, even if we both know it's disgusting

5 adorable things you should know about Blair:
1. he loves Glee, Annie, Moulin Rouge, Little Shop of Horrors, and a host of other musicals.
2. if he really likes something at a restaurant, he'll try to find a copy cat recipe for it and make it at home
3. once he was very tired and made himself a sandwich and took it with him to bed. 5 hours later he woke up, ate the sandwich, and spilled his cup of milk.
4. he would probably die (literally) if he had to live a week without technology
5. he claims to dislike low forms of comedy such as physical humor... but laughs his face off whenever he watches the youtube video of the afro ninja doing a back flip and landing on his face

it's been the best 5 years of my life so far. thanks Blair, you are rather awesome.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Clean Gene

I live in a messy house.

I would love to say that this is a problem that I'm constantly combating... but let's be honest here, I'm not trying THAT hard.

However, yesterday I was immensely blessed with two toddlers deciding to sleep in ridiculously late, while I was up and awake earlier than usual. Not only did I get to enjoy a quiet and solitary shower, a cup of tea and frosted mini-wheats (or wheaty-wheats as Elliot calls them), I also had the motivation to really clean my kitchen.

Usually it takes company coming over for crock-pot Sunday to get my fat fat bottom off the couch (or computer chair) and tidy up.

There are these people who have clean houses all the time. I've been inside these houses, and I know they exist. These people have kids and babies, and yet there are no mysterious pink stains on the carpet, no orange crayon on the walls, and no food caked on the the backs of their kitchen chairs. Who are these people?!?

I keep thinking... someday when I'm a stay-at-home mom i'll have time to clean, and I'LL be one of those clean house people.

But let's be honest... probably not. I wasn't born with that obsessive cleaning gene that it sesems most women have. So, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to my husband, my kids, and anyone who leaves my house with a Pop-Tart stuck to the back of their t-shirt (yes... that happened).

Then again, who knows? Maybe i'll wake up early tomorrow, enjoy a cuppa Bengal Spice, and hose down my bathrooms with bleach and glass cleaner.

It could happen.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bye Bye Flicka

Today is a bittersweet day for Blair. After 7 years together, he is parting ways with his Mustang.

In exchange we are getting something with 4 doors, enough room in the back for 3 car seats, won't leave oil spots in the garage, and something that can actually be driven between the months of November and April in Cedar City. (Rear wheel drive cars do NOT do well in cold climates...)

Nevertheless, Flicka the Mustang will be missed.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blair is Outnumbered

So as most friends and acquaintances are now aware, Blair and I are expecting our third baby early this December. Unsurprisingly, it will be another lovely baby girl. Poor Blair. His chances of teaching a son to play basketball are dwindling. Luckily our daughters seem to come out beautiful, smart, and ridiculously athletic as well, so a little basketball player is not necessarily out of the question. :)
And yes... I am aware of the fact that in every picture i've posted of my girls they have ridiculously messy hair. I promise it's not because i'm a bad mom (well... it might be). My girls have been cursed/blessed with the same crazy natural curls that kept any boys a good 100 yards away till i was about 17 and figured out how to manage it. I in no way see this as a bad thing.

Now that Elliot is 3, i'm planning on starting her in either dance or gymnastic lessons this fall. Of course I would love to see all of our girls grow up and dance at Julliard... but Elliot just seems to be more interested in standing on her head than learning ballet positions.

It's been a pretty eventful summer for us. We were able to go to Disneyland with my parents and sister, as well as spend some time at Lake Powell with Blair's family.Elliot practicing The Perfect Cast "Ten o'clock, two o'clock..."

Astoria was entertained for HOURS by throwing rocks in the lake

My waterskiing hotness of a husband

Blair, the Girls, and uncle Rand on the boat

Elliot was strangely obsessed with fishing while we were there. She did catch a couple things, unfortunately I don't have the pictures. Blair's mom got some i'll have to see if I can get a hold of them.

Elliot and Astoria swimming with the noodles.

I'll have a few Disney pictures coming soon.

Have you noticed all the rain we've been getting this summer? I absolutely LOVE it!! I'll take summer showers over a snowy winter ANY day. The best part is occasionally I get little surprises like this:

I'm sorry the pictures don't really convey the brightness of the rainbows. I blame it on a cheap camera and my lack of photographic skill.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Little Lady

It's only 8:30 in the morning and it's already shaping up to be an eventful day.

First things first.

Three years ago today I became a Mamma for the very first time. Happy Birthday my sweet Elliot! I love you so!

some fun things about Elliot Anberlin:

  • She was named after the musician Elliot Smith, as well as the poet T.S. Eliot, and the band Anberlin
  • When she was little she would watch Winnie the Pooh and grab her head on the part where Pooh bear bonks his head on a tree.
  • Elliot is SO incredibly thoughtful. She always gives me hugs and kisses when i'm feeling down and is eager to "kiss it better" if someone gets an owie.
  • Elliot may be diminutive in size, but she has a personality (and a temper) bigger than most adults i know.

For her birthday my bff Katie and her two precious daughters are coming up to play, as well as my parents and sister.

OH... and i'm making these. :)

In other happenings. I put my jeans on today and found 8 or 9 Hungry Hungry Hippos balls in my pockets. I think one of my favorite things about mommy-ness is finding random things in strange places.

I once found my cell phone in a box of Frosted Flakes. That is not even a joke.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sand in my Hair

I took the girls outside (or "ah 'sie?" as Stori calls it) for a little Father's day photo shoot. Elliot is helping me paint and put flower stickers on a picture frame for daddy, and i thought we'd play in the backyard to get a few cute pics. Of course i forgot that Stori hasn't napped yet today. oops. She wasn't the most cheerful of kids. But I got some decent ones anyway. It took me over an hour to get one where they were both smiling.
Wanna know how I did it? I laughed like Goofy (uh-yuck) Astoria thought it was freaking hilarious.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is Lovely

I found this today via Neil Gaiman and his awesomeness.

I donated a little. You can too, if you want.

I wish with all my little heart that I had though of some of these lines.

"Is she very terrible?"

The Green Wind frowned into his brambly beard. "All little girls are terrible," he admitted finally, "but the Marquess, at least, has a very fine hat."

My goal for today is to buy batteries for my camera.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Little Cleaner

I decided to take the background off my blog. I wanted it to look a little less... messy.

Elliot's gem of the week:
"Mommy has holes, and daddy has sparkles."
About a week ago i had a terrifying moment when my sweet pure and honest kid pointed out a friend's mole and said "what happened to your face?" I only wanted to die a little. We saved the situation by pointing out that lots of people have moles and freckles and these are things that make us special. I showed her the mole on my forehead, and the freckles on daddy's arms and face. Yesterday, she apparently remembered the conversation, and lifted up my bangs so she could see mommy's "hole". Then pointed to daddy and showed me all of his "sparkles".

I know that this blog is severely deficient in the picture department, and for that i apologize. i've never been super great at taking pictures. The pictures i do take end up cataloged away on our computer and rarely make it to my work computer which is really where i spend the bulk of my "computer time". So i'll try to work on that. Promise.

In other happenings, we took the girls to their first ever movie in a theater. We saw "UP" in 3D. It was a sweet movie, and Elliot really liked the dog. However, going to the movie in 3D was a mistake. Astoria wouldn't wear the glasses at all and Elliot toughed it out for a little over the first half of the movie, but eventually got sick of hers too and took them off.

This weekend is Blair's birthday and we are celebrating by going to a basketball tournament in Salina. Woot. It would almost be bearable because my dear friend Katie C. lives there... unfortunately she will be out of town. Boo. Oh well. Next week Blair and I are going to SLC for a wedding, so i can make up the birthday date then. It will probably involve Marqutos, Rico, and hopefully some sushi. :)

A few recentish photos...

Elliot's Easter dress
And Astoria's Easter dress...
This is Elliot showing me her "mad face". If only.
Oh, and I graduated College last month. Did I mention that? The red thing on my neck means i'm smart, and the little white circle under my thumb means i'm a writer... i guess. I'm probably going to need to work on that sometime.

love and rockets...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I just found a Jack-O-Lantern face Pez dispenser in my purse.

sometimes i am so delighted that i have kids.

I think i'm going to keep him in there for awhile.

I just took some pictures of it with my phone and tried to send it to my blog... but it didn't really work. So you'll have to check facebook to see them.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bacon and Karma

Lately i've become a huge believer in Karma.

There are many good things that I want to have happen in the near future for me and my little family. There are jobs, and creative projects, financial endeavors, and other wishes that consume many a tĂȘte-a-tĂȘte. So in an attempt to see these things realized, we have begun to practice principles of good Karma. It's just an experiment at this point, so we'll let you know how it goes. Who knows you may even be a recipient of some karma that you can in turn pass on to someone else.

Also, bacon is delightful.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yea for poems

So 2 of my poems are being published in the Kolob Canyon Review this year, which is awesome since they had like 150 or something submissions, and only selected 30 pieces... and 2 of them are MINE!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!

As soon as it comes out, i'll put more information up. Such as purchasing, where you can read them, etc...

Anyway. Yea!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

sometimes, you just have to dance

I'm all alone in the office on a Saturday, and despite the fact that i still have a mountain of work to finish by Monday, i felt a compulsion to turn up my music and dance around the office. you should never ignore impulses like that.

Also, i'm thinking of trying to put together a Bollywood work-out and see if they'd let me teach it at the gym i go to. Honestly they don't even have to pay me. i just need to find an avenue to get myself moving again. But if you are in the southern utah area and would be interested in learning to shake some hips with me, please please let me know. I so want this to work out.

In other creative news, i've written 5,000 words this week. If that crazy girl from my adv. fiction class at SUU can get published, why shouldn't I be published... Of course in order to be published you actually have to write something. So i'm working on that now.

Monday, March 23, 2009

So So Excited

Well, I'm not going to the Sweet 16 games, which is too bad. Blair is still going, and he's taking Joel. Oh don't worry, i'm fine with not going, because i have something else to be super excited for this week. I'm going to see the Matches tomorrow night!!!!!

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Blair and I with Matt Whalen (drummer extraordinaire) at the last Matches concert. I was digging his Reading Rainbow shirt.

I will try to not run away with the band.

If you have not yet heard of this band (for shame) they are here:

AND, AND, AND, to make this awesomeness even more awesome, bff Katie-Aunt is coming with me. Words cannot describe how happy we are to get all that driving time to just talk without any little distractions. I will miss my girls and my Blair terribly of course, but sometimes it's very refreshing to just take a little break. Especially a break that includes The Matches and may or may not include delicious medeterranian cusine.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've got a fever...

Yes, i've got my brackets all filled out, my stat tracker updating me on scores here at work, and a killer instinct. All those clueless LearnKey kids are going DOWN!!!

Just for the record, i've got Syracuse and Villanova both going to the Final 4. People who only pick #1 seeds are pussies.

Next weekend is the Sweet 16, and we have tickets to the games in Phoenix. It's still up in the air whether or not we will get to go, but it would be fun. A couple years ago we saw the first round games at the U of U, and it was an absolute blast! There is so much you just don't get watching the games on TV. For example: the pep bands playing Fall Out Bow and Yellowcard. And the Xavier cheerleaders just plain being awesome.