Monday, November 30, 2009

Tick... Tick... Tick...

I recently berated my dear Katie C. because she hadn't updated her blog in, like, forever... I realized today that i haven't updated mine in, like, forever either. In my defense, Katie's blog is much more interesting and cleverly funny than mine, especially since she actually takes pictures with her camera, then posts them... an art form I have yet to master.

So, I'm supposed to have a baby sometime soon. Yeah, about that? Am I the only one who has had restrictions imposed by others as to when i'm allowed to actually deliver? Just wondering.

Elliot is finally tall enough to ride the bike we bought her for Christmas LAST year.

And in case you didn't already know, Elliot and Astoria are phenomenal little performers. See?

One last thing.

I really really REALLY like Glee. A lot. If only I could be as awesome as Sue Sylvester...

Sad thing is that there will only be two more episodes between now and April. APRIL. And in it's place? American Idol. Gross. Not to be dramatic or anything, but i'd rather shoot myself in the face than watch American Idol. Not to mention that when Glee returns it will be competing with the final season of LOST. Really FOX? Really? The people who schedule things on TV are all morons. Good thing I married a pirate, right? :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

This is the longest day of work ever.

Sometimes... you are 8 months pregnant and the only thing in the world that will make you happy is a delicious milkshake and some hot, and crispy, and golden, and delicious french fries.

So naturally, you sneak out of work and drive to the Iceberg... only to find that it is now closed. Never mind that the last time you went there was about 7 years ago when you were dating that kid who gave you a VCR and looked like Kenny Vasoli from The Starting Line.

Boo. I want my milkshake.

Also, remember how that guy from the movie Orange County was also Egon in Ghostbusters? "that is neat."

Monday, November 2, 2009

"This is Halloween, Everybody make a scene!"

Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake

I know if you're looking at this blog, you're probably thinking: "Hey lazy... these are the same pictures that you posted on facebook! What gives?"

Well, the one thing this blog has that fbook doesn't, is the elusive *family photo* The only one i have of all of us was taken at my work Halloween party, and was therefore not on my home computer when I uploaded the others.

Also I can't use fbook at work. Boo.

Grumpy Bear (Care Bear), Strawberry Shortcake, Pee Wee Herman, and Rainbow Brite

So, apparently I was the only one who thought the picture was supposed to be us looking like our character. Oh well. Also, you can see that at this point i didn't have all of our costumes completely finished. Elliot and Blair are fine, but i'm missing my ears, and Astoria is missing the front embelishments and hair pretties. But it's okay, you get the idea.

This is my favorite part. The sorting.

After the girls went to bed, I snuck into the bag and stole all the butterfingers. Mmmmmm.
( i also stole the gum, jawbreakers, and anything with peanuts... because those just get spit out into my carpet.)