Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yay for School

Okay, for serious this time.

See? Very serious.

I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit concerned about sending Elliot off to school. She is one of the youngest in her class, and she likes to get super emotional about things. Not stupid little things like her mom abandoning her with a class full of strange kids or anything irrational like that, oh no, she gets diva-ridiculous when she is playing with five dolls, and another kid asks to play with just ONE of them. Okay Elliot. Calm down dance?

But so far (2 days in) she is doing absolutely splendid. As far as I know that is...

So. Remember THIS???

Well, my deadline was yesterday and I still have 30 pages to go in Tale of Two Cities.
you know what this means?
I'm 99% the awesomest person ever. Close enough.

So, I loved having a summer list and a deadline. I ended up swapping out a couple books here and there by the end of it, but for the most part having a list to go to worked well for me, and kept me always looking forward to something. I'm trying to make my next list a little more diverse, but let's be honest, I'd probably rather read things that I know I'll enjoy instead of making a list of books that smart people think I should be reading. So there smart people.

How did your summer reading list go?

I will post my chosen books to finish up the year by the end of the week.

And just to send you off on a delightfully random note: here is Astoria on a typical day.
She is a Zebra-Lion. And probably a princess Zebra-Lion who has to eat 5 apples and jump over a hundred rocks before she can make the baby zebra-lions wake up and take her to the ball.

Okay. Sounds good Stori.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Epic Mom Fail

I got Elliot up early today.
She got dressed in fancy new back-to-school clothes.
She accompanied me to work.
We walked the 3 blocks from my work to her pre-school and had all kinds of fun adventures on the way.
We opened the door and found... no kids?

Sorry Mrs. Einfeldt, you're retarded. Pre-school starts NEXT Monday.


Well, at least Elliot looked cute.

(i'm going to write a letter to Santa and ask for a camera. This camera phone nonsense is getting ridiculous.)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Leaps and Twirly Dancing

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday


For the last two weeks or so, Elliot has been calling me "Mother". Thanks kiddo. Just what I always wanted. It's endearing in a Pre-Victorian novel sort of way... or in a Bates motel kind of way, which is decidedly more creepy.

Tomorrow is Something Corporate

and Blair has informed me that for our anniversary he would like to go see Ben Folds and the Colorado Orchestra in Denver (right... we'll see about that.)

One last thing. Elliot starts Pre-school on Monday. And I will find a camera if it kills me. If I don't have a picture of her standing outside the door wearing back-to-school fashions and a backpack, well, I just can't call myself a decent mother can I?

Monday, August 16, 2010

This week is bananas.

What better way to prepare for quite possibly the busiest and most stressful week of the summer than sitting here rather petrified, and blogging about it rather than doing any actual preparation? I'm just full of amazing ideas.

Work face.
Blair's interview at PHS
More work.
Back to school night for Elliot's pre-school. Parents only.
Attempt to recover the house from the weekend hurricane
Blair works a graveyard shift. yuck.

Work Work Lame Sauce
ANOTHER back to school night for Elliot, but this is the one where she comes, meets her teacher, brings her extra clothes, tissues, all that other cubby hole business.

Ready to shoot myself in the face at work
Primary party... wait, go back to Monday and Tuesday and add in preparing for this delightsome* event. Who in their right mind would call someone as scatterbrained and unorganized as myself to a position that requires so much planning and organization? Guh.
Zumba. But of course I promised my class that I would have a dance to the Glee version of Safety Dance ready. So unless an extra hour of choreography materializes i'm going to have to squish that in too.
Another graveyard for Blair. Bless him. He did it so we could have the weekend off.

Hopefully Blair starts working at PHS this day. Which would be great... except of course for the fact that if he does get this job (which we think he probably will) we begin the all-entertaining job of juggling kids, and annoying my boss (who is really too amazing considering all the ridiculousness with my schedule.)
More Zumba

work. yay.
Pack and clean the car
Sigh and lament the fact that I am not my mother and can't for the life of me get the house clean before leaving on a trip. Someday i'll come home to a clean house and it will feel amazing.
The very nanosecond Blair gets out of work we high-tail it to SLC



ahhhhh...... sweet relief.

Oh. And just in case you were wondering about it? Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is hands down the best movie i've ever seen.

*update as of 4:00pm - Yeah. Blair got the job.

Friday, August 6, 2010

"I am a very fierce Tiger-Frog"

Playing with my kids is the tops, and Astoria comes up with the best quotes.

1. I am behind. 100 Years of Solitude was pretty amazing, but it took a HUGE chunk out of my reading time. I have 4 books to finish by Aug 30th. Guh. Blair was doing well for awhile, but gave up. Here's my feeling on it all: Reading is neat, and the summer reading list for me just fits in with my penchant for making lists as well as being the absolute LEAST competitive person I know (heh). So I'm moving forward with my fall/winter reading list as soon as I've finished up the summer ones. I think I also like having a list of books because I'm usually at a loss of what to read, and I've been referred to so many good ones that this way I can easily keep track of what i'd like to pick up.


Blair is the best. Ever. Not metaphorically.

Something Corporate has been been on hiatus since 2005, and don't get me wrong, I love me some Jack's Mannequin... but SoCo is better. There. I said it. SoCo is better.

3. I like rain. I really do.

4. My AMAZING friend Katie C. sent me the coolest gift EVER.

Rainbow Brite Pencils, Magnets, and Post-its. She rocks.

5. So yesterday Blair and I just for fun re-watched the season finale of Glee. Blair IS Will Scheuster. No question about it. Then after that We (he) went through like 10 different episodes fast-forwarding to our (his) favorite songs. Blair is a huge nerd.

6. It's possible that Junior Mints are the best candy.

7. Watched Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian with my kids again last night.
THIS is my FAVORITE part of the entire movie.

8. My Mamma and Aunt Jeanette came to visit this past week. It was delightful! I do so wish they lived closer, and it also made me crave a trip with my own sister.

9. I'm having a couple 2for1 nights at my Zumba class this month, so if you're in town Aug 19th or Aug 25th, come shake it with me, and bring a friend!


10. Okay, I saved this for last because it is very very important. I need this. No, you don't understand. I really need this.

SO much so that I've seriously considered putting a "donate" button on this blog in order to raise the money.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World opens in 2 weeks, and I'm going to dress up. I've never dressed up at a movie premier before, so yeah. It's that big of a deal. When did I become such a gigantic nerd? Ugh. I blame Blair. And Joe Willis, of course. :)