Wednesday, January 21, 2009

just some quick randomness

Astoria's new words: Bird, Pooh, Goofy (gooky), cookie, down, happy, and Elliot. Yes, Elliot was her first word, but once she learned how to say 'Storia she forgot how to say Elliot. It was a re-learn.

Aunt Laura is coming to stay with us for the weekend. It will be so nice to have another (hopefully) helping hand around the house. I'm planning to teach her how to crochet. Especially since Elliot keeps asking me if she can have a little scarf. She likes wearing mine, but always says they are too big. So we're going to go to the craft store and Elliot is going to pick out her yarn.

Also i am completely unprepared for valentine's day. I'm supposed to have a box and cards for work, not to mention a soup. My house in an absolute mess, my family is coming tonight, and really i'd rather not have to worry about it. Oh well. If anyone in interested in coming to my house this evening to help me clean... Well, it's a standing invitation really.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Drama Drama

I am in some serious need of advice.
The basic question is i guess: How can i not suck as a parent?
More specifically, my precious little two year old has done nothing but fuss for about a week. She is queen sassy-pants and says some things to me that are rather shocking. For example:

Elliot dumps all her markers out on the carpet.
"Elliot can you pick up your markers please?"
"NO! Mommy, you do it!"
"Mommy didn't make that mess, honey, can you pick them up please?"
"Mommy! Clean it up!"
"Honey, if you can't pick up your mess, the toy monster is going to come and take your markers away. Can you please pick them up?"
"NO! (screaming fit, followed by a bump on the head from tripping over her feet in the midst of tantrum.)"
The toy monster took the markers away.
Something similar seems to happen every couple hours or so when i'm home with her.

Really. what on earth am I doing wrong?!?

And then there's the food issue. I know a million other parents have gone through this same thing but i'm getting concerned about Elliot's diet. Or lack thereof. She hardly eats, and hardly ever eats what I make for dinner. I know it's probably my fault because i'll give her peanut butter sandwiches because i don't want her to starve, and she snacks on way too many unhealthy things. I'm trying to move away from that, and i haven't bought fruit snacks in about a month, but still...
I don't know. i'm just frustrated with myself right now. Boo.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Awe (some) Days

I was thinking that i would read a lot of Stephen King and try to figure out the whole time travel thing, but instead i just went ahead and turned 27. (yuck...)

But despite my reluctance to age, i did have a most excellent day. Thanks is a big part to wonderful friends and family! The Saturday before my birthday, Blair took me to Red Lobster (thanks to Molly! :) ) and Singing in the Rain at St. George Musical theater. Katie did a phenomenal job in the play!! And so hot. Wow.
The night before my birthday, my sweet mom-in-law Maureen came over to watch the girls and tidied up the house. Coming home to a clean house was honestly the best birthday present EVER!!! She is the greatest.
Then on the morning of my birthday i had a nice Blair-prepared breakfast, and a surprise visit from Katie, Hazel, Luxie, and Kevin's sister Megan! It was SO nice!! Elliot and Astoria gave me plenty of birthday hugs and kisses, and i had some absolutely divine strawberry pineapple cake at work courtesy of my friend Clare.
In the evening my friends Trent, Brittni, and Landon came to visit and we had some fajitas, I also made some spanish rice, but it was gross.
Yeah, it turns out i'm not THAT good of a cook. I've been decieving myself all this time. I need some lessons. is usually never wrong though. I should just stick to that.

In other not so awesome news, Elliot is having kind of a rough week. She had an accident while playing with her uncles that ended in her somehow landing on her head, and has had a sore neck for the past few days. We're hoping we can once again take advantage of the fact that Blair coaches 3 or 4 kids who have doctors for dads and make sure she is ok. She is still in pretty good spirits, and we're pretty sure it's nothing too serious.

Also, sorry that i'm so bad at not posting pictures here, I post at work alot and i always forget to bring the USB cord for my camera. But above is one of Aubs, Katie and I. Isn't Katie smokin' in that blonde 'do?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Superior craftmanship... by Satan

I cannot begin to tell you of my hatred for the Ford Mustang. It is the bane of my existence. I tell you honestly the sooner we can get rid of it the better. If Mustangs are your thing, and you want it (and I'm assuming that you live in a climate where it never gets below freezing) please let me know, and we can arrange something,

So it hasn't snowed in about a week. In fact it's rather sunny out this morning. However i guess Blair was heading to work a bit too long before the sunny sun decided to melt everything because he slid on a patch of ice and now the front bumper of the car is hanging on by its paint job. Funny thing is, this is not the first time we've lost the front bumper.
Besides all of that, even when it is in proper working condition, we become a one car family every time it snows because driving the Mustang in the snow is like walking around with sticks of melting butter strapped to your shoes.

I'm seething. But i've vented and i'll be fine now. I'm sure i'll be fine.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Regina Spektor, Basketball, and Tummy Aches

Well, Elliot was sick last night. I'm not feeling super awesome today either. Wonderful.

So for those of you wondering about Blair and his team this season, things are going pretty well. Blair's JV team at Cedar High is 8-1 so far (which is AWESOME), and Region play starts tonight (kind of) with a game at Snow Canyon. I'm really proud of Blair and the way he has developed such a wonderful relationship with his players. It really seems like they look up to him and want to play hard for him. Blair is totally immersed. Last night Teen Wolf with Michael J. Fox was on TV, and Blair pointed out everything that they were doing wrong, and all the fouls that should have taken place in the basketball scene. Hilarious. We are not so secretly hoping that some good opportunities come our way soon in the teaching/head coaching department. We'd like to be at a 3A school at the least. Sorry, but i think we'd say "No Thank You" a Gunnison, or a Valley or something itty bitty like that. No offense to people who live in those cities.

This time of year i'm starting to think that moving to Arizona would sound very nice. I really really dislike wintertime.

I'm listening to some Regina Spektor today. So in love. Makes me wish i would have stayed in piano lessons. I listen to my little brother (in-law) Jace play the piano sometimes, He is going to be awesome i think. I know that if i used my pretty keyboard i'd probbably feel a little better, the goal is to find a time when i can sit down and play it and a kid isn't scrambling up my lap, trying to play and mess with the volume controls.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Elliot performing a scene from Lord of the Rings

Found the Camera. . .

Here are a few Christmas 2008 pictures.

Elliot did a good job helping all of us open our presents.

As you can see, it was a big year for Yo Gabba Gabba.

And My little Ponies

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Trying to keep things Warm (and Spicy)

And by spicy i literally mean with spices. Blair and I didn't know what we were going to do for New Year's this year. Blair had the night off, and with two feisty toddlers around, vegas was pretty much out of the question. :) So Blair had the fabulous idea of having a themed New Years party at home. I know we are not the first to have this idea, but it's still a good One. We were debating between New York and India, but after realizing it would take me at least 24 hours to make a decent papier mache "Times Square Ball" we settled on India.

We had a delicious Butter Chicken curry, and mango spritzers, with toasted coconut sesame ice cream for dessert. It was amazing. Elliot and Stori colored some pictures of elephants and the Taj Mahal and then after dinner we made big, bright, yellow, pink, and orange paper flowers to decorate the house. I got a bunch of tea candles which we put all around the living room, and we watched the Jungle Book whilst wearing some makeshift sari's and bindis. We had a great time, and the house smelled wonderful, like spices and grapefruits.

After the girls went to bed, Blair and I watched Slumdog Millionaire (an Indian film) and drank some bengal spice tea (it's like Chai, but with herbs instead of tea leaves) We actually fell asleep before midnight, so no new years kiss. Boo. Anyway, we are excited about this new tradition. Next year since i'll have more than 2 hours notice to prepare, it will be even more grand.
Blair has such good ideas.

Happy New Year!

Oh, and no, I don't have any pictures, sorry. The camera staged a coup and is in hiding.