Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love for Team Cowan

Just in case you didn't already know, Team Cowan is the absolute best ever.

We were friends before we even met.

It's story time now, so feel free to sit on the carpet criss-cross- applesauce (because apparently they can't say Indian-style anymore)

As Blair's once and future wife, I was embarking upon the rite of passage of meeting Blair's friends.

First there was Rico. We "met" over the phone, which if you're going to meet Rico, is really the best possible way to start things off. He's a great guy (we love our Uncle Rico) but over the phone, he's the most interesting man in the world.

Then I met Mark. Blair's best man at our wedding, and the primary force behind Blair's sushi conversion. As soon as Blair and I got engaged, we went straight to Mark's house to share with him the news. He likes to claim that he was the first person we told, but in all honesty, I called my BFF Katie Hulett on the way to his apartment. (And on a side note, everyone should have at least one dearest friend named Katie. I'm just awesome because I have TWO! )

Jaron (or The Duke) was SO much fun. We don't see him much anymore, but like Blair, he's a basketball coach. We went to the Nike Basketball Coaching Clinic in Vegas with him one year and had a blast trying to take sneaky pictures of crazies.

Brock, Blair's roommate at the time, is... well he's Brock, or you may know him as Goodbye Nova. :)

Last of all there was Zach. Blair had told me about Zach and his wife Katie. Zach was the only one of Blair's friends who had a wife at that time so I was excited anyway to meet her.
Instant Love.
She is lovely, and creative, and silly, and so very smart, crafty, artistic, and absolutely hilarious. When Blair and I were married, Katie helped out with some very amazing things, and I will forever be grateful to her for that. She taught me how to sew awesome t-shirts, AND has two strapping young lads comparable in age to my lovely daughters. Is arranged marriage still frowned upon in our culture? :)

In summation, I love Team Cowan. And not just because of this.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Listen to Me!

Push some buttons, and be happy.

As an added bonus, listen to Big Casino to see where the title of my blog originated.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Extra Lame

Because I love teamBoo more than any other blog I creepily stalk, what kind of crazed obsessed fan girl would I be if I didn't play Project Boo: Defenseless Babies Edition. Or in my case, defenseless 4-year old who goes through withdrawals if she can't play Lego Harry Potter 20 hours a day. (this is an exaggeration. i promise i'm not that terrible of a mom.)

except... uh....

what is THAT?!

I'm trying to decide if the super ghetto vibe of this picture makes my extra awesome, or just really super lame.

So lame in fact, that i'm starting descend into a existential-blog crisis. Is it possible to have a blog, and not be some kind of semi-professional or super-advanced-amateur photographer?

Seriously, i kind of feel like the kid in middle school with the gross homemade lunch, while all the other cool kids eat their cool lunchables and snack packs.

But having nothing but a weak-a camera phone does capture moments like these:

Behold! Rou crawling into the refrigerator!

And check out these super girls. Best part of our super hero night, was when Elliot came up with a magic spoon that would take us wherever we wanted to go when she whispered into it. I think a tiny conductor may have been living in the spoon as well.

We went to a boat, Africa, the Zoo, and America (sure. okay Elliot.) And we rescued some baby lions. It was an eventful evening, even if the only proof I have of it is something very blurry.

So until the time that Elliot can conjure up a real-life camera out of her tree branch magic wand, i'll keep stalking teamBoo. Maybe i'll send her a cup of my blood. (ok... it's funny if you've seen Blades of Glory, I promise. )

Monday, September 20, 2010

White Pants

With the exception of skirts on Sundays, and my stretchy workout pants on Zumba days, all I wear are jeans. Currently, every last pair I have either a) don't fit -or- b) fit and have holes in the knees from excessive wear.

Yet somehow here I am, a solid week after Labor day, wearing white pants.


I received them from a friend who was getting rid of some old clothes. Anything from this friend, being super hot and ten bazillion times more fashionable than myself, had to, at the very least, be tried on. I didn't think the white pants would even come close to fitting. Especially since earlier that day...

someone asked me when my baby was due.


Even though i'm 80% robot and don't cry ever,
even when we're watching Toy Story 3 or Up and Blair is sobbing next to me, this got to me hardcore. I cried in my car like an emotionally disturbed four year old. (something with which I have loads of experience)

So when I tried on the impossibly small white pants with no hope whatsoever, only to find them pleasantly closed, I decided I would wear them today just on principle.

No I am not pregnant. Thanks for asking.

So, dear lady who just happens to work at my FAVORITE bookstore, please try to have a little more tact next time I come in to buy charmingly used copies of Rebecca, or to order some more Steven Milhauser.


Recent quotes of awesomeness from my kids:

  • "Mommy, don't call daddy a terrorist."
  • "Please? just a few more minutes?" (in response to my efforts to wake her for school. I thought it'd be a few more years before I started hearing this. guess not.)
  • (eavesdropping while she wishes on a star) "I wish that I can be big so I can be smart like daddy and exercise like mommy, and I wish that I can be big so I can drive a car"

  • "I have Snow White poop. Because I'm a princess."
  • (after giving her a kiss on the cheek outside on a breezy day) "Mommy! the wind blew my kiss away!"
  • "You're the biggest Mommy in the WHOLE WORLD!"

  • "bababababababababadadadadadadaaaaaaaaa...." (you get the idea)

Thanks to Chelsey for the photos. You always save my bacon. Or something...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Friends Come to Play

These lovely ladies not only enjoy a good book, but are fortunate enough to share family ties with Team Cowan. Double win.

And now... Off to the theater!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

R is for Re-donk-ulous

Time for ten things again? Yes, I think so.

1. I have to tell you a story.

Yesterday I ventured out with all three of my little monkeys to our local colossal retail empire (also affectionately known as walstarmart). As I pulled into the parking lot, I see this little girl in a shopping cart holding a brand-new-shiny-princessy-pink ball. Cedar City, being known for it's malice, rips the ball out of the poor girl's arms with it's rather savage winds. So, naturally, I ditch my kids in the car, and race top-speed across the parking lot to retrieve the ball for this little girl (she couldn't have been more than 2).

I being the amazing track star I am (riiiiight...) recovered the ball, and headed back to the parking lot, only...

where did the little girl go?

I looked every where, we drove up and down each aisle, asking people if they'd seen the family that this ball belongs to. No luck.So now, it turns out that I am a thief. This ball is still sitting in my car, and my kids keep asking me if we can just take the ball to the little girl's house. Excellent idea kids... too bad I have no freaking clue who this girl might be.

So anyway, if you live in Cedar City, and know of any small girls who were at the Wal on Wednesday, wearing a yellow shirt, and had the misfortune to lose a pink princess ball... please let me know?

2. My BFF is in a play this month, and i'm going to go see it. You should too. Look here for details.

3. Now that I have one kid in Pre-school, it seems like EONS will pass before the other kids get there.

4. Can someone please explain to my husband that while using twitter all the time is #supercool and all, Using all the little #tags just make you #kindofretarded and #superannoying.

5. Mystery Men. Oh how I do love that movie.

6. If you haven't already spent hours and hours reading this blog instead of doing actual work at your job (like me), then you really should go take a peek.

Added bonus, we both have daughters named Elliot. (her's is spelled differently, but still amazeballs.)

7. Did I tell you already that my mouth is out to kill me?

- Abscessed Tooth. -

Hands down the WORST pain I have EVER dealt with (and this coming from a girl who has delivered THREE babies totally unmedicated.)

8. I have a strange urge to go read all the Harry Potter books again.

9. Remember Book Orders from school? Elliot gets them now. Love it.

10. Look what I finished.

Friday, September 3, 2010

15 to Finish the Year

Think I can get through all these by the end of the year? I think I can.

Also, tell me what you think about this: I was thinking about doing a giveaway. I don't have anything fancy or crafty to give you, but, I like books, and something tells me you do too. SO remember back a long time ago when I was giving a good friend a good book each month? well, It only lasted 3 months, and I can do better. But this time around, I was thinking that maybe if you followed my blog, or told a friend to follow, or something like that, I would pick one person each month, and buy them something off their Amazon wishlist. Would you be into that?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

some nots

- I do not wear lipstick
- I do not run marathons
- I do not own anything from anthropologie or urban outfitters
- I do not like Dave Matthews Band
- I am not a size 2
- I do not have good teeth. At all.
- I do not eat organic or vegetarian
- My kids are not super well-behaved
- I am not a photographer, an amazing cook, or a fashionista

But I'm pretty dang happy anyway.