Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Outta Dodge

I realize that I'm not the world's most frequent blogger, and the fact that I'm alerting you to a short, weekend absence seems pretty ridiculous when I usually cap out around 5 posts a month.

But anyway. We are going to escape for a few minutes.

Till then, here are five things for your face. Sorry it's not ten. I'm really only functioning at 45% capacity today.

1. The PHS Rams finished their season with a 19-6 record.(going 10-0 in region). They lost in the second round of the state tournament (bummer) but went on to win the consolation tournament, taking 5th overall. Not too shabby for a second-year head coach, don't you think?

Some of my most favoritest pictures from the season


Gary has the prettiest 3-pt shot. He should have been a dancer.   
Photos courtesy of Dave Mineer

2. I have been sick since Valentine's day. Lamest thing ever. I keep waking up at 3 a.m. with horrible coughing fits. Guh. If this cold had a crotch I would kick it.

3. You know what's loads of fun? Letting your topless one-year old push your four-year old around in a toy stroller.

4. I read more books during the month of February than any other month last year. Does this have anything to do with basketball season? Probably.

5. In case you were curious, the peas are safely out of Elliot's ears. Silly head Elliot.


  1. I'm glad the peas are out safely.

    I'm sorry you are still sick. Have you tried Cold-Eeze, Ricola, and Mucinex?

    We should be fiends on Goodreads. Oh, I just added you.

    Hope you're having a fun weekend!

  2. "If this cold had a crotch I'd kick it" - love, love, love:)

  3. I hear Zions is near Dodge. She has been calling me and asking about you. I would like to go see her Saturday morning the 19th. What do you think?


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