Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Present for You!

My book giveaway #1 was a success I think. (Ruth, I'm really REALLY hoping to give you yours in person!) Thanks to everyone who played! So... wanna play again? If this gets annoying just let me know, but seriously. I like books, and I like giving them to nice people even more.


1. Comment on this post if you'd like to enter
2. After you've commented, you get additional entries if you:
  • a. Are a follower
  • b. Send me a picture of you peeking over a book and a link to your current reading list
  • c. Tell someone else about the giveaway (and then let me know about it)

3. I'll choose a winner (through a random number selector) this Friday, and hopefully get it sent out the winner before Christmas!

In other happenings, Elliot and I unlocked this piece of awesome:

I promise I am doing more with my life than playing Lego Harry Potter with my daughter, promise.
Look at all these lovely little things I have on my plate

  • TONIGHT is Blair's first basketball game of the season. The Parowan Rams shall conquer Milford most triumphantly!
  • Still teaching 6 Zumba classes a week, AND getting my first ever pair of real-life dance Nikes in Blair's basketball shoe shipment (YAY team discount!)
  • If work had a face, I would punch it.
  • My kids are amazing. Have I mentioned that already?
  • Working on a top secret Christmas present for my favorite seester. Laura, can't you just live closer so I can kidnap you to Denny's again? Or Cheesecake Factory (ooohhhhhhh.... cheesecake...)

Anyway. Enter drawing. Win a book. And let's be friends.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Kid Things

Rousseau is saying words.

Uh-oh ("Uh-ay")
Thank you ("Da-day")
Mom ("Mom-eeeeeeeeeeeee")

My other kids say things too. Like Elliot. The other night I reminded her that if she was going to drink that juice, she needed to go to potty before bed. She responded, "I won't let you down, Mom!" Cute.

Astoria says words too, but she also thinks it's the most hilarious thing in the world to sneak up on me and LICK my arm. What? Nice one kid.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black Out

photo via

Call me crazy (no, I know you already do. But this time you have my permission.) but I really think there should be a mandatory power outage at least once a month.

  • Provides an excuse to avoid vacuuming, doing dishes, and other such activities
  • Who doesn't love candles?
  • You can eat something that isn't cooked by radiation. (you know, like Peanut butter sandwiches?)
  • Good reminder of how a four-way stop works
  • Entertaining kids with real-life activities like the park, and books, and coloring in lieu of spending 4 hours trying to save up enough Studs to buy the Dumbledore character you just unlocked. (oh that was me. sorry.)
  • (unintentional bonus) Your husband might just use up all his cell phone battery reading twitter, and with no electricity to charge it will be forced to listen to you ramble about really exciting things like visiting teaching and how many people were at Zumba class instead of tuning you out.
  • The first movie your kids watch after 7 hours of being denied due to no power will be the most entertaining movie they've ever seen.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ten Thi... oh look, shiny!

Hey! It's ten things for today!!

1. Remember Trent from Daria? He was totally the hottest cartoon. However, I think he's in for a replacement.

Megamind. Yeah, he's blue, what of it?

I took Elliot and Astoria to see Megamind over the weekend. The weirdest part? The fact that I have 2 kids who are old enough to sit through an entire movie at the theater without any running around, playing with the chairs, kicking the lady's head sitting in front of us... They were totally on their best behavior. I don't care what you say, it's a milestone for me.

2. Bacon and I are on a trial separation. We've decided to see other people/breakfast meats.
Sorry Bacon, you know I love you, but I think I love you a little too much, and that's really not beneficial for any successful relationship.

3. I fear that the winners of my book giveaway are going to realize very soon just how totally nerdy I am. Sorry about that.

4. In Sunday school this week, I kept wanting to bring up examples from Scott Pilgrim to illustrate points from our lesson. (I restrained myself though)

5. Cars are the lamest things ever. Blair's needs a new alternator, a serpentine belt, and a headlight. Mine needs brakes, a tie rod, windshield wipers, and an inspection+renewal. yay. Oh i'm not complaining or anything. oh no, i'm just so excited because taking cars to get fixed is like my favorite thing ever. meh. If it wasn't for the fact that I have quite possibly the greatest Dad on the face of the earth i'd be tacking new tire, oil change and car wash on there too... but like I said, my Dad is the business.

6. I have been reading this book for what feels like the last ten years. Thanks Susanna Clarke for totally messing with my Fifteen Books by the End of the Year Thingy...

7. Basketball season for PHS officially started yesterday. See ya in 4 months, Blair.

8. Trying to come up with ten things for this post has made me realize how completely boring and uninteresting my life is right now

9. Sorry about that.

10. Um, I like stuff.

wow. that was astonishingly anti-climactic.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Candy Coma

Wanna know how I topped off my Halloween sugar rush? Oh with a POUND of fancy See's Chocolates.


What? I had a gift certificate, and I was in town. I wasn't going to let it go to WASTE was I? So much for sexy Zumba arms (a girl can dream...)

Obligatory Halloween pictures:

The sorting is my favorite part. This is where I steal all the Almond Joys and Butterfingers. I'm not that mean. They don't like those ones anyway. (Almonds and coconut for the pickiest 4 year old in the universe? Right.)

One of these things is not like the other...

Here I am dressed as, you know, myself.

Well, I had every intention of being the White Queen, and I was going to wear my wedding dress (not like it's being used for anything else) but the dress in in storage at my in-law's house and I couldn't get to it in time. Wanna know what's weird though? That Tinker Bell-ish dress? I wore that to a Halloween party when I was 17. What the WHAT? I'm sure I was drowning in it back then though. You don't get much size selection when you buy from the D.I.

Also I haven't done ten things in a while. Next time, next time.

Another also, Enter Gregory's contest, and look for my next book giveaway in a couple weeks.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Chicken Dinner

So who wants a book? How about this kid?


(My blog BFF who i've never met. She actually won both times. :) Since we are friends on Goodreads, this one should be pretty easy. Yay!!!)

Or maybe this kid?

Carrie Rosalind

(Yay for new friends! I do love a good challenge.)

Congrats friends! (y'all need to e-mail me with your addresses. Okay? mary_gola(at)live(dot)com )

The next step is my favorite. Picking out the books. Oooooh I can't wait!

"And Otho?" (as Elliot would say) don't be too bummed if you didn't win this time. Because I just decided I'm going to do this every month. Back in March I decided that I was going to "Give a good friend a good book" every month. I followed through with it for about 3 months. So not only is it high-time for a comeback, this way i'll have friends to bug me about it if I forget.

OH and If you didn't win mine... You might just win Gregory's. Go there and enter now! Do it!

The next post will contain Halloween costume pictures. Ye have been warned.