Monday, January 3, 2011

I suck at resolutions.

Here are my goals from last year:

  • Lose 23 pounds (this is not an arbitrary number, and not a lofty goal either. 12 pounds will get me to my pre-pregnancy weight, 23 will get me healthy.)
  • Completely potty train Elliot and Astoria. Elliot is halfway there...
  • Run a 5k.

I did not run a 5k. But I did get Zumba certified and am teaching 5 classes (sometimes 6) a week. So there's that.

Elliot is Potty trained, Astoria on the other hand has to get extra "help" on a bi-monthly basis as well as cut out pretty much all dairy for a bit in exchange for "chocolate swilk". Right now we're just happy when she goes at all, forget doing it in a potty. we'll work on that after basketball season.

I am 16 pounds lighter than at this time last year. Baby weight? No big deal. Healthy weight... you mean I have to cut back on copious amounts of sugar? Forget that.

So I pretty much did everything a solid HALF-WAY.


This years goals? Of course i'm still going to make some.

  • Read 45 books
  • Brush my teeth
  • Ensure that my kids get no cavities this year
  • Turn off lights when I leave a room
  • Kiss Blair more
  • Take Anne Morrow Lindbergh's advice and spend some time alone
There is is. In writing. I have bazillion other goals in mind, but this'll suffice for now.

One last thing, Elliot has surgery tomorrow. It's not "real" surgery, but she is going to be put under so that her ten million cavities can be fixed. More on that later.

Let the Year of Mary Einfeldt commence


  1. I believe in New Year's Absolutions. Can the year of Mary Einfeldt also be the year of Gregory Burbank? Let's rock 2011!

  2. Anne Morrow Lindbergh??!? Uhh, pretty sure I've been shoving that down your throat for much longer. Maybe it worked with Miss Lindbergh because she tried a non-shoving method. Or something. I love your resolutions and I wish you the very best of luck with them!


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