Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Things?

1. In an attempt to cut back on sugar, it seems as though I have inadvertently turned up my Diet Cherry Pepsi (aka sweet nectar of the gods) consumption. I guess I didn't realize how much I was actually drinking till at about 1 p.m. today my head started throbbing from caffeine withdrawals.

Oh Come On! (in Gob Bluth voice - which i'm an expert at) Can't I just have one vice without consequences? ;)

2. In case you were wondering? Peanut butter and maple syrup on waffles is disgusting. And I guess I'm the only sane person in my house since Blair and the girls love it. (dry heave)

3. It's official. My baby sister (nearly 15 years my junior) is gorgeous. A) how did that happen and B) Why did she get all the pretty genes? It's not faaaiiir.....

4. Apparently caffeine withdrawal also causes irritability. Oh. that explains some things.

5. I'm on an active hunt for a time machine. Anyone know where I can score 1.21 jiggawatts? Either that or I need to put myself into some kind of coma for the next 48 hours. If I'm not conscious on my birthday that means I don't actually age... right? RIGHT?

6. I didn't post anything yet about New Years, but look! we had a New Years!

Every year we pick a different country (or something... last year we did New York, which is not a country, but certainly a culture) And this year we did China. More on this later.

7. The Matches will make me feel amazing no matter how terrible my mood is.

8. If I was super cutesey, I would make this list have 29 things... but I'm not.

9. Zumba classes are getting more crazy. I LOVE how full it's been lately, the energy is bananas. Come to my class. Do it.

10. I love you, goodnight.


  1. 11. Happy Birthday Mary!

    12. We love you.

    13. Both of my daughters have the pretty genes and the "I'm loved" genes. Don't let anything or anybody in this world tell you otherwise.
    29. My parents are so lucky to have me.

  2. i've done zumba a couple times. it's pretty fun, but i felt completely white/out of place. see, i live in south florida. people show up to class with red lipstick on. they're not messing around.

  3. I think you got some pretty cute genes! I may be the only Einfeldt that hasn't converted to the peanut butter on pancakes, waffles or french toast. I just like syrup. We can dry heave together...!


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