Monday, January 17, 2011

Somebody's watchin' me...

Hmmm.... Blair's gone all day, and the girls and I are bored. I know!

Let's put eyes on things!

Elliot: thought it was hilarious and wanted to put eyes on EVERYTHING

Astoria: got totally freaked out and cried saying "Mommy, I don't want eyes in the house" So i started to take them down (which caused Elliot to weep uncontrollably) After Elliot talked to her about it, she was game "Mommy! I like eyes now! Let's put eyes on the potty!" But it wasn't to last. After about 20 minutes, she got concerned again and told me "Mommy, I'm done with eyes now."

What do you do on boring winter days?

(By the way I totally stole this idea from the awesome Team Cowan. I heart them so much)


  1. Nice. I may need to revisit that little game. I bet Max would love it now.

  2. New goal - to be a more creative mom....or at least steal other people's creative ideas more often. There might be eyes in my house in the near future:)

  3. Have you shown the kids the back of a one dollar bill?

  4. this is so pee wee's play house of you! two things are hilarious-the eyes and the fact that your daughter is creeped out by them. I think i am a little creeped too come to think of it. I mean, how would you feel about sitting on a toilet with freaking eyeballs?!

  5. this made me laugh. Especially Elliot's facial expression in el foto with the fridge.

  6. So our secretary at work is telling me how much fun she had with the kids she watched over the weekend. Guess what she did? Well their were eyes all around the house when the parents came home.
    I was asked to tell you thanks.


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