Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ma petite chou

Voila! Puis-je present ma petite fille qui est une an aujourd'hui! Fantastique!

Je voudrais ecrire cette histoire tout en français, mais ma orthographie et grammaire est tres terrible.

See? All those years I took French in school has now been validated... or something.

Today is my little French woman's birthday. And to celebrate, she got an eye infection! Woo-hoo! The other girls wanted to join in the fun, so they got eye infections as well. How thoughtful.

Because we are SO high-class, we took the family to the ihop last night to celebrate. Hey, it's the only restaurant (that is not pizza) where the girls will actually eat the food.

Who is Rou?
  • Rousseau Evangeline is lovely
  • She has a delightful little smile, and will show it to you with very little coaxing
  • She is the first of my kids to refuse the aboo (pacifier, binky... whatever you want to call it.)
  • She will climb into everything the second you turn your back.

Cupboard, Dishwasher

Fridge, toy box...

  • Songs she loves to fall asleep to: If my heart was a house - Owl City, The Moon-Atomic - Angels and Airwaves, and Don't Stop Believing - Journey.
  • We had decided on the name Rousseau before she was born, which is fortuitous in the sense that Rousseau means "Little red head", which she is.
Bon Aniversaire littlest one!


  1. Mary, your daughter is beautiful, and your French grammar is just fine. It turns out that after nearly forty years of mostly separation, your father and I share much in common - including a respect for Jean Jacques Rousseau. What a lovely name for a lovely girl.

  2. This makes me think about how we took French together. What memories (I would say that in French except I don't know how). Surprisingly, I did understand everything you said.

    The pictures of Rou climbing are the funniest thing I've seen all day. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday little girl! Le meilleur reste à venir!


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