Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i like candy

Candy is my favorite. Seriously.

Some facts about candy, and it's relationship with me and my family.

  • No matter how many days a week I teach Zumba, I will never get rid of these flesh pockets sitting on my hips, because of candy.
  • My three root canals, and myriad other teeth problems are not completely because of candy, but I have no doubt it played a pretty significant role.
  • Elliot is having oral surgery next month... due in large part to my bad genetics, and of course, candy.
  • When I was pregnant with Rousseau, I craved sugar like you would not believe. In fact during my pregnancy I had a very special dream once where I was able to take a private tour of a pastry shop, and I could eat anything I wanted. Best. Dream. Ever.
  • I don't remember the last time I went through an entire day without eating sugar in some form or another; usually chocolate, but also cookies, Cherry Pepsi, ice cream, chai latte, various baked goods, you name it really...
(fun fact: Elliot is wearing a Slytherin shirt that used to be mine. Also, the shirt i'm wearing, Blair bought on the day we met. Brand New concert t-shirt. And Rou enjoyed some chocolate... obviously.)

 Elliot and I made a "Hogwarts Gingerbread House Castle". The marshmallow on the top, Elliot told me it was smoke from the chimney, but I still think it's Neville Longbottom after the incident with the broomstick and the remembral. We added a little more after this, but you get the general idea. Where was Astoria during all this you ask?

    Passed out, probably not due to candy consumption, but then, you never know...

    And we are still a good 4 days away from the sugar-fest that is Christmas.

    I'm not promising anything, but in order to avoid the evil diabetes fairy that is probably waiting around the corner, something must be done.

    Like I said, I can't straight out promise that candy and I are totally splitsville, but I need help. really. So, if you have any advice to offer? that would be pretty amazing.

    I hope your Christmas is the best thing ever. Better than a backstage pastry shop tour (ooooohhhhhh.....).


    1. Okay, here's my advice, from one fingernail addict to one candy addict:

      1. Pick parts of your day that you protect yourself from sugar, like no sugar between 1:00 and 2:00 and again from 9:00 to 11:00 or something.

      2. Once you do well protecting yourself during those spaces of the day, add more time to the hours of protection.

      3. Feel really, really good about yourself for being such a great person, one that protects herself from something that she knows isn't good for her.

      4. Let yourself eat candy during the non-protected periods, unless you feel good about the juice (the delicious taste of candy) not being worth the squeeze (gingivitis, diabetes, etc.), in which case, give yourself an extra pat on the back and know that YOU control your cravings... they don't control you.

      5. Call Katie (this Katie) because I'm sweet enough to battle any craving :)

      6. I've been able to get completely off sugar before and I promise, the cravings go away COMPLETELY after about 3 days. I know it sounds like it can never, never happen, but it does.

      I love you and you're wonderful.

    2. Mary remember your TV fast and My Dr. Pepper fast. You can do this. Your grandfathers diabetes is not a pretty thing.


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