Monday, December 6, 2010

Flying Milk

Ten Things!!

1. For the second time this month, a gallon of milk decided, of its own accord, to fly out of the back of the car the second I opened it, bursting open and spilling all over the driveway. FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS MONTH! Boo milk.

2. See this? it's a picture of myself, taken with my camera. Notice I did not say camera phone? YAY! Thanks to wonderful friends and family, and the amazing generosity of Katie Cowan. This girl has a camera.

3. Now that I have a camera, I can document all the glamorous things that happen to me, like Rousseau dumping out a box of cereal on the carpet. It's a rite of passage at our house.

And Astoria thought it was hilarious, obviously.

4. Today is one of those days where every time I think about teaching Zumba tonight, I feel like i'm going to barf all over my new dancy shoes...

5. Look! new dancy shoes!

6. I have a strange desire to make a Hogwarts gingerbread house this year. Awesome? Or just nerdy?

7. I have seen Blair for a total of 4 hours since Thursday. Welcome to basketball season.

8. I love the way Elliot says "Chilly"

9. It seems as though I will not be completing my book list by the end of the year like i'd planned. I'm still going to make a push for it, but the small amounts of free time I have can either be devoted to reading, or finishing my sister's Christmas present, and well, my sister wins hands down.

10. Note to self and others as well: Watching The Walking Dead right before bed? not the best of ideas.


  1. I don't know if I've ever seen a picture that made me happier in my entire life. NOT ONLY are you taking a picture of yourself with your camera, but you're lookin smokin hot as well. Can't wait to see you soon!

    p.s. As a girl who totally butched her hair just hours ago, I'm totally jealous of your hair right now.

  2. Awesome for sure. I want to make a Hogwarts gingerbread house now.

  3. Another great list!
    The picture of the shoes is up side down. (I know that is not the way you see it.) And the correlation of the milk and cereal is a good one.
    When we were told to cast our bread on the water, it may not have made sense. It all happens too fast. But when you look back at these, your family, you will know how rich you are.

  4. You could cut and paste heads on that picture of the cereal bandit for one of my children of the corn. and i died in a good way when i read her name is rousseau- I'm in love.
    i like it here...


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