Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is it nap time yet?

I would like nothing more than to fall asleep right this minute.

so so tired

ten (yawn) things for today:

1. A friend of mine decided to start a Give a Good Friend a Good Book campaign, which I whole-heartedly endorse. Therefore, if YOU (yes i mean YOU!) have an Amazon Wishlist, I'd be ever-so grateful if you'd leave me the link? And if you don't have one, commence creation imediately please.

2. I'm making a quilt. I know. It's pretty ridiculous. I thought i'd make one for each of the girls, starting with Elliot. You can probably expect Rousseau's to be done about the time she enters high school.
Here's what I have so far:

I blame the Internet and all those crafty blogs out there. Well if I can do it, let's face it, anyone can.

3. Angels and Airwaves is coming to SLC in May.... ANGELS AND AIRWAVES!!!!!!! It'll be the first real concert Blair and I will have been to since Ben Folds in 2008 (sorry John Allred, you are great but if we can bring our kids, and there are chairs at the venue I'm afraid I can't count it as a real concert). Anyone want to come with us? Incidentally, Blair is obsessed with their new album, LOVE. It is pretty amazing, not to mention it's FREE!!!

4. I am so ridiculously, disgustingly, and completely infatuated with Blair. How did I get so lucky?

5. Do you ever get so tired that your breathing feels all heavy, and your chest kind of starts to hurt? Yeah. Me too.

6. My friend Katie bought me a new notebook for my birthday in order to encourage me to get past the horrible writer's block i've had for the last year. After remaining blank -save for the grocery lists and Elliot drawings in the back- for the last 2 months, it now contains two full pages of actual writing. It's not a lot, but it's a start.

7. iTunes alphabetical adventure: Lullabye - Ben Folds

8. Blair is in his LAST month of student teaching! WOOOHOOOO!

9. Does anyone else have an abnormally difficult time trying to eat healthy?


Painting courtesy of Casey O'Connell

Look at this painting. Isn't it amazing? She is my favorite. Someday I want one.


  1. I loooove your lists. Also, I hope your wishlist is current.... What a fantastic campaign idea.

  2. I love seeing the beginning of your quilt. Beautiful. You're going to love it when you're done. And that painting is amazing. I love it. And you.

  3. Uh... Jael and Katie? You forgot to leave me the link to your wishlists. For shame. Correct that now please. :)

  4. 1) How do I get a lovely Amazon Wish List button on my blog?

    3) What's your favorite song so far?

    6) Yay! Does this mean Just Watch the Fireworks might some day have new posts?

    9) Yes.

    10) I want one too.

  5. Mary Mary, quite contrary. I am not normally a huggy sort of person, I was just so excited to see you the other day I couldn't hold it in. :)


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