Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winter is Totally Lame

I know i'm not alone in this, but I am NOT a fan of winter. I don't like it when it arrives in November, I don't even like snow on Christmas (yes, I know. Bah Humbug.) But around mid-February it goes from a mild annoyance to full-fledged hatred.

So in the spirit of trying to be a little less miserly, i'm attempting to make a list of things that I can pretty much tolerate, and occasionally even like about winter (Yay for lists!)

Things about winter that do not suck:

1. The deer that come down from the hills and graze in my neighborhood. LOVE them.
2. Sitting on the heater with a blanket and a book (yes Dad, I still do this)

3. Putting warm and colorful tights and boots on my kids
4. Fog (could I see myself living in England? Why yes, I think I could)
Fog over the Oregon City bridge

5. Stepping on that thin layer of ice that forms over the water next to the curb.

6. Hot beverages of all types

7. The way snow looks when it's on things like architecture or bare tree branches (but nothing else about snow)

There are other things that while they don't directly involve winter as a season, they do occur during winter months such as, My birthday, Rousseau's birthday, New Year's, and everything from the 2002 Olympics in SLC (that was seriously awesome, right Natali? Except maybe those heinous berets)

And if I were writing this list to appeal to my hottie-cakes husband, I would of course include basketball season on the list somewhere. But this is my list.


  1. I don't really care for winter either; I'd much rather deal with hot weather than cold.

    Things I have learned in Seattle: Winter doesn't exist. Yay! Spring does. What's this? Working on my spring playlist--any suggestions?

  2. Yeah, the Winter Olympics every 4 years is definitely my favorite thing about winter. Especially when is was here in Utah.

  3. Didn't your father have a fireplace? A blanket and a heating vent. That is lame but touching.

  4. winter blows. I wish I could be all awesomely positive like you, but seriously, winter can suck it. I'm ready for summer. Like, yesterday.


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