Monday, March 29, 2010

The Shape of Things to Come

Seems like everyone has a list of things they would like to accomplish in their lifetime. I have a list. It is an ever changing list. But here it is in its current incarnation. Yes it is categorized. No I am not anal. Yes I'm awesome. (Blair is invited to experience any of these with me if he would like, except play roller derby. Obviously.)

06/07/10 - I've started checking a few of these off, they are in green.

Places I must see:



Barcelona, Spain
New York City
Mumbai, India

Bands I must see (that i haven't already seen):

Angels and Airwaves

Vampire Weekend
Flight of the Conchords (are they even still together?)
Regina Spektor

Owl City

Bands I'd love to see again (this does not include all the bands that I'd kill to see again, but can't because they are broken-up):

Jimmy Eat World

Dashboard ConfessionalWeezer
Motion City Soundtrack
Something Corporate (reunion tour?!? YES PLEASE!)

Events I must attend:

Suns vs. Spurs (with the Suns kicking the tuna salad out of those crap-lousy Spurs) Oh how i wish i could be there now... Suns vs. Spurs in the PLAYOFFS? dang.The NCAA Final Four
The Holi Festival of Colors

People I should meet:

Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindehoff, or J.J. Abrams

Neil Gaiman
Team Boo
The Ruth that lives in Korea
Billy Collins
Steve Nash
Mo Willems

Things I must do:

Eat at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill
Take up guitar again, and perform - Open for John Allred maybe?
Get a part in a play/musical
Play roller derby
Run a 5k
Run a 10k
Get Zumba certified
Teach a dance class/Zumba
Have my writing published
Finish writing a novel (even if it's just a little one)
Read more than 50 books in one year
See all my kids go to college and get married in the temple
Have a son ( I know this isn't exactly up to me, but i'd really really like one someday)
Learn to play the theme from Pride and Prejudice, and Debussy's Clair de Lune on the piano (along with a few other pieces)
Paint a picture that can hang in my home
Make quilts for each of my kids
Give someone a really meaningful gift that they will really treasure
Make someone happy
Start and keep a tradition with my family
Own a cat. Maybe even several cats. And name them all really awesome names.
Have a house with a secret room, preferably behind a bookcase
Cook something that makes Blair say "wow" without provocation by me
See fireflies
Play in a meadow with my girls, and we can all wear white dresses and pick wildflowers
Learn how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie for high-altitudes (THANKS to Cheeky Kitchen!!)
Teach my girls to sing
Read Ulysses
Be part of a dance or music flash mob

There. Incomplete, but still awesome. You should make one too. I dare you.

Also, i'm always open to new suggestions and ideas. I know I've probably forgotten some things. And as I think of more things, i'm sure i'll add them on, so this post will change. And yes, if you'd like to do any of these with me, i'm up for that too.


  1. So the Rockstar Diaries. I HATE her! Why? Because she dresses the way I wish I did, lives where I wish I lived, and is doing all the things I wish I was doing. And wraps it all up in a gooey marshmallow (thats the part that I find annoying). That is so lame. I can't read it.

    Its a nice list, if I may say so :)

  2. Nice list! I won't make you jealous by telling you how many of these things I've already done. However, London is my favorite city on this planet!

    I posted my bucket list a couple of years ago on my MySpace blog. It's probably time to dust it off again.

    Well better get to it!

  3. Mainly I just want to meet Rockstar Diaries girl so that I can punch her in her crap-lousy face. I mean Juliard? Come on. How prosaic.

    And Greg, I will try to control my jealousy. :)

  4. I'm flattered...maybe too much:) I need to make one of those lists. Perhaps you have inspired me, and perhaps you haven't - you'll just have to wait and see:) hahahahaha

  5. Yes! This list is super awesome! I'm all pro cat-owner.

  6. This is an awesome list. And tomorrow I will try to use the phrase "punch her in her crap-lousy face" because I think it's the most amazing thing I've ever read. AND I just looked up the word "prosaic" and I agree. How prosaic. Besides, she dresses like a grandma. Also, you can check "make someone happy" off your list. :)

  7. let's run a 5k together. I'm totally serious. I haven't ran since my last one, and I need a new goal to make me start again. Do it to it.
    Also....Ireland makes me sigh, inside and out. I would have chickens and goats and a couple of sheep on my little piece of land in Ireland. And I would wear dresses and boots every day and learn how to play a pipe.
    That is all. Besides that I love this.


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