Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I grind my teeth. Especially when I'm anxious.
I have dreams CONSTANTLY where my teeth are falling out in a variety of different circumstances, and I'm always so sure it's real that when I wake up I have mini panic attack until I realize they are still there, then I just want to cry with relief.

There are several things right now that are seriously endangering the safety of my teeth (both physical and metaphysical).
So for the sake of my teeth, let's hope that all these ridiculous worries are resolved expeditiously.

Only Five Things For Today:

1. Last night I did not have a teeth dream, but I did have a dream about the triple bunk bed my friend Katie used to have when she was young. It was awesome, I wish I had one for my kids.

2. Rousseau is the happiest kid I could have ever hoped for. It's retribution I suppose. It was by far the most miserable of my pregnancies.

3. I am craving Thai food like you wouldn't believe right now. Anyone want to go on a curry date with me? (I don't think Blair will go. He's not into anything that doesn't come out of a drive-thru window.)

4. Blair will be done with his student teach in SIX DAYS

5. iTunes Alphabetical adventure, Seventy Times 7 by Brand New. I remember so clearly screaming my guts out during this song while the guy who would become my future husband stood just a few feet behind me screaming his guts out.


  1. curry date! Pick me! (I am a slut for mango and sweet rice. total slut.)

  2. Brittni is a total slut for most things, but you didn't hear that from me... :)

    I constantly grind my teeth at night and will wake up the next morning with my jaw and teeth killing me. So I can relate to the grinding. As far as the teeth falling out dreams, well you are on your own with that one!

  3. 1. I bought a night guard from Walgreens, and after a few nights, I actually think it broke the habit... crazy.

    2. I love curry. Come have Bombay House with me.

    3. Is Blair planning on teaching? Because I have a few choice words about the career myself...

  4. I pretty much love that you have been listening to Brand New, because on my way home from work yesterday, I was belting out the same song. You rock my socks.

  5. I would get a mouth guard before you end up doing permanent damage like cracking your teeth. There may also be exercises to avoid jaw clenching if that's an issue for you and/or Xanax.

    I've only had Thai food twice. (I know!) The second time was recently in Seattle, and it was delicious! There are actually a lot of Thai places in Seattle if you ever come up this way.

  6. You would be soooo jealous of the curry and tandoori chicken Indian restaurant that is two blocks away from my apartment. If you're ever in Korea, let's do lunch.

    Ditto on the night guard. Grinding your teeth at night can give you migraines, or worse, TMD (look it up). My mom has it, and it's not fun.

  7. You kids are the greatest. And I suppose I should probably go get a night time mouth guard. I don't always grind my teeth, but I go all crazy hardcore on the grinding when i'm anxious about something.

    And i've been having dreams about alligators chasing me lately as well. But seriously none of you have teeth falling out dreams? for some reason i thought those were pretty common.

    And I would love to go on a curry date with each and every one of you. (Especially you Ruth, i've never been to Korea. :) -and Ruth is your name... right?)

    Ann-Michelle, is there a Bombay house now in Utah county? I've been to the one in SLC and I LOOOOOOOVE it (the number of O's corresponds to the amount of love i have for that place.) And we should probably have a discussion on teaching soon. It's going far beyond frustration right now.

  8. Could I go too?
    The teeth thing may be inherited. I've never had anything as bad as you describe, but dreams of losing teeth have happened. Your uncle, grandmother and great grandmother are all Poly-Grip users.

  9. oh THAT makes me feel SO much better...


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