Thursday, March 11, 2010

Down with Winter. Thermophiles Unite.

I probably just made that word up.

Therm = Heat
-Phile = One that loves or has a strong affinity for

But in all seriousness, I live in the wrong climate. Nevertheless, I'd rather not indoctrinate my kids with this hatred of winter, soI made them go outside and play in the snow. They, of course, had a marvelous time dancing

catching snowflakes

making footprints

and check out my super-fake smile:
This Sunday Blair blessed our little french woman. I wanted to take some amazingly adorable pictures of her in her pretty blessing dress (made by Grandma Maureen), but all I had on hand was my phone, which attempts to take photos, but really I don't classify them as photos more like blurry representations of what a photo would look like when painted by Monet... or something.

She's still pretty cute though huh.

Even when she's yawning at me. (or growling like a dinosaur... can't really tell)

Elliot and Astoria: Also cute.

I want it to be spring so badly, that a flower spontaneously erupted from my head.

The End.
I love you.


  1. Maybe Blair can get a job teaching somewhere warm like in Phoenix (but then you'd have to live in Arizona). As we've already discussed, weather-wise you might enjoy the Pacific Northwest--mild winters and early springs. In the mean-time, I suggest frequent trips to St. George and Las Vegas.

    I second Rachel. You are all very cute.

  2. I love the erupting flower! I'm sorry we didn't get amazing pictures to go with my amazing memories of an amazing day. You, my dear, are beyond amazing! Love, Mom


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