Sunday, February 14, 2010

Things I Love

Sometime in the near future I intend to be ambitious and do a list of 100 things I love like unto my friend Jael. But for now, this little Valentine's day list shall suffice.

  1. Blair
  2. celebrating Valentine's day by chaperoning an 8th grade dance with my sweetie
  3. Elliot reading the word "Pet" at the store yesterday
  4. Astoria trying to tell me a joke
  5. Rousseau's adorable smiles
  6. fresh blueberries
  7. friends named Katie
  8. friends with other names
  9. Zumba
  10. audio books
  11. regular type books
  12. Grandmaposa, Papa, Aunt Laura, and Hermes... but not October (just kidding Laura :D)
  13. family prayers
  14. my new purple phone. her name is Veronica


  1. hehe, I love lists. Making them, reading them, commenting on them. This particular list made me smile. Yay for Valentine's!

  2. thats cute but i think your turning into some of my frineds (geoff and other laura) because they name there chellos like you nammed your phone haha theres Fabio (hes gay) and theres Shelly which Geoff says is his girl friend haha ^^

    love, laura(ly)

  3. Laura(ly), I assure you, I am not, in fact, turning in to your friends. If any thing, they are turning into me, since i've been around longer. :) But I am glad you found my blog, and i can't wait to see you this weekend!!

    And Jael, I hope you don't mind me linking to your blog. Expect it to happen again... sometime :)

  4. WHEEE, I LOVE you linking to my blog. Feel free anytime. ;)


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