Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to be a Lady

Before you get all confused and assume this to be a tutorial (which it is not), let me clarify: I would really like to learn how to act like a lady, and less like a clueless 9th grader. (No offense to 9th graders of course...)

I need a purse that will actually fit stuff inside. You know, stuff I really need, like Pez dispensers and a hundred extra pens. The one i have now is teeny, but i love it because it's Gola brand -if you do not realize the significance of this, then we are obviously not truly friends :) So i've been looking for a new Gola bag, but they are not really purses, more like gym bags. which would be great for fitting notebooks and diapers and such, but i don't want to look like i'm carrying a gym bag around all the time. So to all you ladies out there who have taste (which I do not. Obviously) Please advise me.This is the one i've been looking at.

I'm not normally a super-crafty person, but I am pretty proud of these Valentine's boxes. I had to hurry and take a picture of these before Astoria ripped off all the letters.

I bought what I thought were cute and fashionable dark faux-denim leggings. Blair corrected me. Stretch Pants. I'll probably take them back. I am stylistically retarded. I need a personal shopper or something.

In summation:
I am still a 14 year old girl who just wants to be cool. sigh...


  1. I know, right? I hate feeling 14 and awkward inside.

    I love seatbelt bags. Hip, but grown up, and if you get a great color you are even more awesome. I like the medium tote. Mine is grass green, which they don't make at the moment.

    Spendy, a bit. But you won't ever want another bag, I promise. And totally practical -- they can hold 5,000 pounds or something.

  2. Love the boxes! I won't lie though... do NOT like the bag! Try something totally out of your comfort zone. Just a simple black purse to start, it can be roomy and have lots of pockets. Then work your way up to green leather!

    Ha ha... I currently do have a green leather purse. It's wonderful.

  3. Hmm, I like the bag. But alas, I'm in the same boat with you Mary. I have no taste, or so I'm told. I say go with what you like!

  4. i have no particular awesome style of my own, but one day when I have babies, I have picked out my diaper bag:
    It is ginormous, but cute, it has pockets and sippy cup holders, it's made of canvas which I feel will last a long time, and I love buying handmade! Also, that seller has plenty of other styles if you hate the one I picked out. ;)

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  6. I have no style. I think you, however, have style and aspire to be like you one day. I do believe that my sister-in-law will someday nominate me for What Not To Wear. We have the same "purse" problem. If it's not a diaper bag, I don't know how to use it. Paul bought me a wallet for my birthday, but while attempting to take the pen out of it that I use to check things off my list, he broke the clasp. I still use it and get comments from friends at playgroup. Oh well. Good luck with the purse journey and let me know how it goes. I also feel 14 but now I have graham crackers on my unstylish jeans. Good luck!


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