Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Calm Down Dance

I guess I need to do the calm down dance. While I'm at it, I should probably ask my family to join me. We could all use some calming down.

Ten Things for Today:

  1. This morning Astoria got us kicked out of the gym. She beat up two other boys (both bigger than her) because she wanted to sit on the chair they were sitting on. Several apologies and a time-out followed. Sigh... what in the world am I going to do about this girl and all of her, uh, energy.
  2. LOST. (really, that's all I can say. I have no words to convey the awesomeness)
  3. This Friday is TAX RETURN DAY!!! I was thinking about buying a pair of roller skates, but will probably end up getting new tires for my car instead, because that's how I roll. (wah wah)
  4. I've hit a snag in my healthy body goals. I really like going to the gym, but as it turns out I also really like eating ridiculous amounts of unhealthy food. Lame.
  5. Want to hear something a little embarrassing? Several times during the LOST premier last night I, in my excitement, shouted "OMG!" What am I? 15? Ugh.
  6. I need to ask this question to ensure that I am not actually crazy: When you read books, do you start narrating your life in your head for hours afterward? Audio books are even worse, because then I get to hear my life being narrated by someone else.
  7. I was thinking about skipping on church this Sunday, then I thought about how much Elliot loves "Sum-Beens" and how sad she would be to miss it.
  8. I am very in love with Sausage Potato and Cabbage soup.
  9. iTunes alphabetical adventure. Get it Faster - Jimmy Eat World. On the list of bands I MUST see again before I die. (the last time was opening for Weezer in 2002)
  10. My hottie-cakes of a husband is apparently the new "Hot Teacher" at PHS. Well, yeah, who couldn't see that one coming. :)

See? Isn't he dreamy?

Love and Rockets...


  1. I do #6 all the time. Also, have no fear Trent and I screamed like little girls last night several times while watching LOST.

  2. you are so fabulous. I love reading about your life.

  3. Yes to #6. But what Zach does is even worse. If we watch a show or listen to a This American Life or something like that that has really good dialogue, afterwards Zach will (perhaps without realizing it) try and talk like that for the next few hours. Like, try and use fancy words that he wouldn't usually use or make these ridiculous speeches out of nowhere that are usually about nothing... And sometimes he does it with a British accent. It's....... yeah. But I love him.

  4. I LOVE that pic of you and your sweetie. It's just adorable. Also.....YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH LOST!


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