Monday, January 18, 2010

What the Cuss?

Ten things for today:
sorry it's a crappy camera phone pic
  1. I was a cheerleader today. Not even kidding. And in case you are wondering? I'm the one who thinks the square root of 4 is rainbows.
  2. Someday I would like to take a nap, though i'm not sure anymore how those work.
  3. I still would really like a Ray Bradbury short stories book.
  4. Sometimes I wish that my pink hair was less permanent... like at church. Other times i'm really really glad i have something that makes me feel like i'm awesome... like at church.
  5. Okay. My obsession with Roller Derby is getting out of hand. I spent the last 30 minutes at work looking up the official list of registered Derby Girl names. Honestly if there were enough girls in Cedar who'd be interested in forming a team or two i'd be all-up-ons, but such is not the case. I need a hobby or something.
  7. Blair and I are beginning week three of "Two Months of Cuss" (ha ha ha... i'm hilarious.) I am really grouchy and on edge like 95% of the time. And we still have HOW MANY months left??? Ugh. I feel like I am constantly either yelling, or apologizing for yelling. If it weren't for the gym i think i'd go absolutely nuts.
  8. I'd like to thank Wes Anderson for the film Fantastic Mr. Fox. It has not only brightened my day, it has also revolutionized my personal use of swears. Please go watch it.
  9. You know you're having a bad day when your three-year old tells you that you need to calm down.
  10. On the movie Princess and the Frog, there is a firefly who is in love with a star who he thinks is another firefly. And her name is Evangeline. awesome.awesome.awesome. there's even a song about her.

Also to anyone interested, Rousseau Evangeline's blessing will be March 7th. (also my dad's birthday... hope he doesn't mind spending it here)


  1. can I be on your derby team? PLEASE?!

    I feel lame that that's the only thing I'm going to comment on, but that was the part that stuck out to me in this blog post.....

  2. It's a giant cluster cuss!

    Love it!

  3. No problem with the blessing date. And I'll work on the Bradbury thing. I think I have an account at Amazon. Can you email me the book info. Elliot is right you know.

  4. Considering my love for Meryl Streep but also my sheer terror of stop-animation, should I see or skip Fantastic Mr. Fox?


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