Friday, April 29, 2011

The Nerd Post

1. Confession: I'm a total fangirl. And I mean that in the dorkiest sense of the word. My Pinterest account has only one fashion picture (and it's from a Harry Potter movie so it doesn't really count) but at least 20 pictures 100% nerd certified. Doctor Who (especially the tenth doctor. Yowza.), Harry Potter, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... you know. All the stuff that I tried SO hard in High School to pretend I didn't like, because I was on the dance team. (oh, pu-leeeeze.) And when you're just approaching the borderlands of popularity, all the really truly interesting things kinda take a back seat. It was the same with Blair. He was on the basketball team, so reading Stephen King books and liking X-men was totally out. Thank heavens we found each other. Without the companionship of a fellow closet-nerd, I'd be all sorts of bitter and repressed.

2. Blair is the perfect guy for me. He is not, however, a carbon copy of myself by any means. (Let's just say that I'm left on my own to swoon over The Doctor - but at least he tolerates it.) He's into graphic novels and ridiculously intimidating literature (think Atlas Shrugged or Ulysses). One of his favorite movies is Little Shop of Horrors, and has admitted to me that if ever that play is performed anywhere near out vicinity, he's going to audition for the part of Seymour. What a guy.

3. Diet Coke is super gross.

4. I saw the movie Rio with Elliot and Astoria last week. They loved it (except for the Pretty Bird part, which is really too bad since it's Jemaine Clement, who is freaking brilliant) I thought it was a cute little movie, but really I paid more attention to the music than the movie. Samba beats are excellent for Zumba, yo. Oh and Tracy Morgan.

5. Do you ever fantasize about how you will save your family during a zombie apocalypse? I do. All the time.

6. I am really feeling the need to get away next weekend. Blair is taking an ESL certification test this Saturday so I'm thinking the girls and I need to go somewhere. Maybe somewhere where they have little knuckleheads like them to get into mischief with.

 7. I have one more pattern that I'm considering for the rug that I may or may not actually have the patience to paint.

8. I have a good friend who is currently living in Austria, working as an au pair. She met Ben Folds, she, like me, loves all things nerdy and awesome (the Doctor, Firefly, LOST, Community, Star Trek, etc.) she was in a ska band, and once, the two of us spent an evening eating ice cream and watching 17 Again (starring the Zac Effron) and talking about silly things long, long after the Coach and my girls were all asleep. She is wonderful and I miss her. Just thought I'd express that.

9. May is going to start very very soon. I'm still trying to get my summer reading list together, and it's about 50 degrees outside. Freaking Southern Utah. I'm taking suggestions for the reading list though.

10. I just today discovered A Fine Frenzy. I'm so so glad.


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  2. If you are trying to paint your patterns this one would be easier then imperial trellis. I like it more than quatrefoil because it's connected. Are you looking at stencils?

  3. i LOVE a fine frenzy. oh, i love her!

    and it is pretty nerdy that you don't like diet coke. i mean, what?!

  4. My pinterest, titled 'Geek Love'. 279 pins and counting.

  5. oops... link:

  6. so i'm reading hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy right now. it's definitely not my preferred genre but a few parts have made me laugh out loud.

    i want to meet ben folds!

    my husband thinks about how he'd save our family from a zombie apocalypse, so i don't have to. phew.

    nerds are great. i'm one fo sho.


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