Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keep calm, and get in the Tardis

Of course I'm going to tell you who won the giveaway, but first, I'm going to make you scroll through all these pictures of my offspring playing in the nerdiest thing I've ever created. (except for the Redwall fan-poetry I wrote in 7th grade. But, that's neither here nor there...)

Wait Rou, it's a traaaaap!!

Of course what I really want to do is give everyone a book. All ten of you. Maybe I will, just give me a few months, and don't be weirded-out if I ask for you mailing address seemingly out-of-the-blue.
But first, I shall bequeath a book on the ever delightful:

Natalie Moon Gleaves
Here are a list of phrases that will mean nothing to anyone except Natalie Madali:
   1. "What's up Ukraine!"
   2. Lemon spike juice music sidewalk chalk drawings
   3. Remember when you hated me because I liked your boyfriend's Weezer shirt? And you HATED me? That was awesome.
   4. Muh?
   5. Brazillian Rivers, That 70's Rivers, probably some other Rivers' that I've forgotten about.

She is awesome. I can't wait to pick out a book for her. 

And like I said, I think everyone won this giveaway. Just be patient. :)

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  1. Yeah! That totally made my day. And made me laugh a lot too.


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