Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You can't buy this kind of awesome

Sometimes, it's a Monday where one kid has been puking since Thursday, another puked in your bed at 4:30 in the morning, and the other has decided that, you know, potty training just isn't for her.
Then you go about your over-scheduled business and just happen to have one of those terrible and mortifying experiences so completely embarrassing that you swear to yourself to never ever ever share it with anyone, even if they do ask you what your most embarrassing moment is.
At that point, you either A) cry/dig your fingernails into your palms/stay up for hours obsessing over who saw your massive fail or B) do all of A and then realize that if you don't immediately think of some way to feel awesome, you're gonna drive yourself bonkers.

On that note, I give you:

Ten things I like about myself.

1. My hair grows fast.

2. I used to hate my unusual middle name, now, I think it is the best thing ever.

3. My best friend gave me a nickname in the eighth grade that has stuck with me.

4. I am strong, healthy, and can have babies without epidurals. It's my super hero power.

5. I can sing, dance, and play the guitar (I can't do any of them especially well, but I can do them. And that makes me happy).

6. I enjoy reading books more than cleaning my house; I feel that having creativity, intelligence, personality, and enthusiasm are more important that having people think you are neat, pretty, and put together.

7. I have seen every episode of LOST, have read many of the books referenced in the show, and not only loved, but understood the finale. In summation: I am a huge nerd, and I embrace that.

8. I am using my college degree.

9. I am really, really short.

10. I have awesome taste in husband, and friends.

Ah yes. I needed that.

So, what do you love about yourself?


  1. I love that you're my friend.
    I also had a not nice experience and made some not nice choices on Monday night that will never be shared (that sounds bad. it's not that bad). And that's a first because I tend to blab everything. Life goes on.

  2. 1. jealous.
    2. me too.
    3. Yay for Katie!
    4. That IS a superpower!!
    6. Amen, Sista!

  3. i'm kind of dying to know what could be so bad. i'm sure it's not as bad as you think. :)

    what did you get your degree in?

    amen, amen, amen to #6!

  4. I have never EVER wanted to know an embarrassing moment so badly, but I respect your right to secrecy....kind of;) I love that you posted things you like about yourself - LOVE it! Maybe I'll copy it. Maybe I'll post about my embarrassing moments, hahahaha.

  5. i like that i'm an easy person to get along with. at least i think i am...

  6. 1. I named my first daughter Mary Gola.
    2. I never made Mary so mad that she did not come home after running away.
    3. I learned to read by High School.
    4. I married someone smart but short.
    5. I read to my children.
    6. I'm so bad at English that my oldest child had to compensate.
    7. I puke at the smell of puke, and I'm OK with that.
    8. I gave my High School guitar to Mary when she could play it better then me. (I think that took about a month).
    9. I was taught that fear is a bad thing and I discovered that my Mother's prayers worked.
    10. I was born before TV's were in every household and playing outside had many limits.

  7. 1.I like that I know and am closely related to the Golas! I wish you could have known your great grandma. she had red hair, talked your leg off, and did the Irish jig for company, much to the embarrassment of the 2nd Gola.

    2. I like that people seek me out in their times of doubt, sorrow, sadness, and indecision to find no judgement, love and guidance to the path of true happiness which is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    3. I like that I have a daughter who is a genius, creative, kind and multi-talented and continues to give me so many reasons to brag!

    Love, Mom


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