Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reading is FUNdamental!

You know what I haven't done for awhile? A book giveaway.

Remember these posters? I was trying to find some of the old ones I remember from the library when I was a kid (You know, with Michael Bolton, and Phylicia Rashad, and that girl who played Blossom.)

Yay Yao!

You already know how to enter.

1. Follow this blog
2. Leave me some comments or other love-type notes (make sure you leave at least one on this post so I know you'd like to be part of the giveaway)
3. Send me a picture of you peeking over a book, with a link to your reading list, Goodreads page, or other book-love-type-thingy.
4. Post something about this giveaway on your blog, or facebook, or something and let me know about it

I know you'd probably much rather have one of my fabulously spectacular hand-crafted cardboard Amazon boxes pained to look like the Tardis (picture in an upcoming post). But books are just as neat. I promise.

A winner will be selected on Wednesday April  13th


  1. Count Team Cowan as entries one, two, and three. And now I'm going to bed. Goodnight. (yes, it's 1 in the afternoon. zzzzz)

  2. ALA posters for the win!

    I know I won last time, so you can disqualify me if you want. But yay books!

  3. Hmm.... I just finished a book and am on the lookout for another.

    As for the love-note, Yes, I still love you....

    What's with this must be approved to have my comments posted?

    Do I still embarrass you?

  4. So apparently, the comments on by blog have not been working all weekend. Awesome. I believe the problem is fixed. Sorry kids.

  5. I need a book-love-type-thingy. Hmm.
    Also, I love that you do things like this. You are so neat.
    Also, I had to google "tardis." Do not think less of me. The only BBC show I watch is Top Gear.
    Also, I did link to this on my blog. Whoop!
    Also, ... nope, I think that's it.
    Oh, I thought of one more thing. I got my library card a couple weeks ago, and I sang quietly to myself "having fun, isn't hard. When you've got a library card!"
    the end.

  6. Count me in. New books make me happy :)

  7. All 4 steps above are complete! Does that mean I get 4 entries? Well I love reading your blop, especially your 10 things stuff. They are funny. Take care!

  8. Sadly, we do not have any camera's that work so i don't have a peeking picture. I just finished "The devil in the white city", a book which i would have never read had it not been for book club. It is a true story and i was afraid to go to my mild-mannered ENT doctor for a while.Ha, ha. I'm over it now. Love, Mamposa

  9. Maawie! i have not a camera!!! but i REALLLLLY want a book Called the gathering by, Kelly armstrong! I LOOOVE it! ^^ pweese?

  10. Plus i love you to DEATH! scary right, and after. . .

  11. oooh i want a book! is it a secret book?


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