Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Present for You!

My book giveaway #1 was a success I think. (Ruth, I'm really REALLY hoping to give you yours in person!) Thanks to everyone who played! So... wanna play again? If this gets annoying just let me know, but seriously. I like books, and I like giving them to nice people even more.


1. Comment on this post if you'd like to enter
2. After you've commented, you get additional entries if you:
  • a. Are a follower
  • b. Send me a picture of you peeking over a book and a link to your current reading list
  • c. Tell someone else about the giveaway (and then let me know about it)

3. I'll choose a winner (through a random number selector) this Friday, and hopefully get it sent out the winner before Christmas!

In other happenings, Elliot and I unlocked this piece of awesome:

I promise I am doing more with my life than playing Lego Harry Potter with my daughter, promise.
Look at all these lovely little things I have on my plate

  • TONIGHT is Blair's first basketball game of the season. The Parowan Rams shall conquer Milford most triumphantly!
  • Still teaching 6 Zumba classes a week, AND getting my first ever pair of real-life dance Nikes in Blair's basketball shoe shipment (YAY team discount!)
  • If work had a face, I would punch it.
  • My kids are amazing. Have I mentioned that already?
  • Working on a top secret Christmas present for my favorite seester. Laura, can't you just live closer so I can kidnap you to Denny's again? Or Cheesecake Factory (ooohhhhhhh.... cheesecake...)

Anyway. Enter drawing. Win a book. And let's be friends.


  1. Top secret Christmas present? That sounds like a good idea. And now I have a strange craving for cheesecake... thanks for that.

  2. I'm commenting!!! I'm sitting at my desk and I'm commenting!!
    (I've been in the mood to watch Elf lately...)
    And give me 3 other entries too. Because I'm worth it!
    Or maybe just two..... I don't really have a CURRENT reading list. So, whatever you want....

  3. I love love LOVE what you sent me! I know I probably can't win again, but just wanted to say THANKS again! :) It was so fun to get the package in the mail!

  4. I think this is a great idea. i really need to get a picture of me peeking over, and get you my list. Is it books I want to read or books I've read? Love Mamaposa

  5. Yay for books and yay for being blog friends!

  6. Hey Mary, I already follow your blog. I guess I sorta have a reading list on Goodreads.com but I haven't read anything in a while because I've been sleep deprived and taking care of a new baby and getting stuff ready to move (oh yeah, we're moving to NC next week) but I should be ready to start reading again in January!

  7. Dear Awesome Einfeldt,
    I have a daughter (or two) that is in need of a good book. Well, she may not need to add to her library but I've always felt, as you do, that it's hard to find better things to give. Here are my questions:
    Is her Wish-list up to date?
    Would she read something that is not in her genre?
    How would you define a good read?
    These are troubling questions for a gift giver.
    Santa's helper

    P.S. Would a book case help if I can't find a book?

  8. I WANT TO PLAAAAAY. I love your book-giving so very much, and I'm rather fond of you too. I am also happy about our real-life encounter the other day. How lovely.

  9. Lego Harry Potter? Why do we not own that? That sounds like the funnest game ever.

  10. Andrea Van HazelenDecember 2, 2010 at 1:48 PM

    Roger told me to comment so he could get another entry but I'm really commenting so I can get a book. If he gets the book with one of his entries I'm planning on making him give it to me! He brags about his kids all the time! He says he likes them and that daughters are good for a dad!


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