Monday, November 1, 2010

Chicken Dinner

So who wants a book? How about this kid?


(My blog BFF who i've never met. She actually won both times. :) Since we are friends on Goodreads, this one should be pretty easy. Yay!!!)

Or maybe this kid?

Carrie Rosalind

(Yay for new friends! I do love a good challenge.)

Congrats friends! (y'all need to e-mail me with your addresses. Okay? mary_gola(at)live(dot)com )

The next step is my favorite. Picking out the books. Oooooh I can't wait!

"And Otho?" (as Elliot would say) don't be too bummed if you didn't win this time. Because I just decided I'm going to do this every month. Back in March I decided that I was going to "Give a good friend a good book" every month. I followed through with it for about 3 months. So not only is it high-time for a comeback, this way i'll have friends to bug me about it if I forget.

OH and If you didn't win mine... You might just win Gregory's. Go there and enter now! Do it!

The next post will contain Halloween costume pictures. Ye have been warned.


  1. Yay! I love books and can't wait to see what you send me! :)


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