Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ten Thi... oh look, shiny!

Hey! It's ten things for today!!

1. Remember Trent from Daria? He was totally the hottest cartoon. However, I think he's in for a replacement.

Megamind. Yeah, he's blue, what of it?

I took Elliot and Astoria to see Megamind over the weekend. The weirdest part? The fact that I have 2 kids who are old enough to sit through an entire movie at the theater without any running around, playing with the chairs, kicking the lady's head sitting in front of us... They were totally on their best behavior. I don't care what you say, it's a milestone for me.

2. Bacon and I are on a trial separation. We've decided to see other people/breakfast meats.
Sorry Bacon, you know I love you, but I think I love you a little too much, and that's really not beneficial for any successful relationship.

3. I fear that the winners of my book giveaway are going to realize very soon just how totally nerdy I am. Sorry about that.

4. In Sunday school this week, I kept wanting to bring up examples from Scott Pilgrim to illustrate points from our lesson. (I restrained myself though)

5. Cars are the lamest things ever. Blair's needs a new alternator, a serpentine belt, and a headlight. Mine needs brakes, a tie rod, windshield wipers, and an inspection+renewal. yay. Oh i'm not complaining or anything. oh no, i'm just so excited because taking cars to get fixed is like my favorite thing ever. meh. If it wasn't for the fact that I have quite possibly the greatest Dad on the face of the earth i'd be tacking new tire, oil change and car wash on there too... but like I said, my Dad is the business.

6. I have been reading this book for what feels like the last ten years. Thanks Susanna Clarke for totally messing with my Fifteen Books by the End of the Year Thingy...

7. Basketball season for PHS officially started yesterday. See ya in 4 months, Blair.

8. Trying to come up with ten things for this post has made me realize how completely boring and uninteresting my life is right now

9. Sorry about that.

10. Um, I like stuff.

wow. that was astonishingly anti-climactic.


  1. Fun post! I can't wait to get the book in the mail to see what you picked. And I'm a nerd too so I'm sure I'll love it! :)

  2. So I used to watch Daria with my dad all the time. Yeah, I was raised RIGHT. And he is the hottest character. yummo. And I'm still sad you are booting bacon. Miss Bacon is on the couch right now, butting me in the face with her face. It's awesome. See, give the good a break and get a cat named Bacon. Then you will never be without the amazingness of it. FYI--this is the longest comment I have ever left on someones blog, and it has to do with how awesome bacon is and a hot cartoon. What a sick, sad life I lead.

  3. ..and when i said the "good," i obviously meant "food." obviously.

  4. Is that book good?! Or it's taken you 15 years to finish it because you can't really get into it? I was thinking about putting it on my "to-read" list, but maybe not....Also, I have no idea what's up with 1 and 4. Call my uncultured.

  5. Trent: "Hey Daria"
    Daria: thinking (can't speak, must speak) "Hey"

  6. Natalie, If it wasn't for you I wouldn't even be mentioning Trent. Ahhhh the amazing memories.

    And I should mention that no less than 6 hours after posting this, we went to Wendy's. Without even thinking I got a jr. bacon cheeseburger, because that is what I always get. Bacon. Sneaky little devil.

    Also Jael, I will let you know about the book. I like it, but it's like 9000 pages long.

  7. We all want to know how nerdy you are, so let us all know what books you give.

    In regards to bacon, cats and dogs. It could be genetic or something more sinister "I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals" Sir Winston Churchill

    Finally, "my Dad is the business" What does that mean? You had a head light out on your car too. I took care of that. What is a dad to do?

    I love your Ten Things, keep them coming.


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