Monday, October 4, 2010

A Metaphor?

It started raining while Elliot and I were walking to school today. Crazy, torrential, violent, mixed-with-hail, kind of rain.

We stopped near a building with a large awning for a minute to see if it would let up. Elliot just wanted to keep going, in the rain.

I said okay, and not 5 seconds later a man with an umbrella walks up and offers it to us.

Last night a different man threatened to call the police on me for leaving my three (one of whom was sleeping) kids in the car while I ran into the gas station to buy a single chocolate milk. I'm sorry, but there is a difference between parking your kids in the hot sun for 20 minutes while you shop and refraining to wake up, unbuckle, and drag two toddlers and a baby into a gas station while you buy an effing chocolate milk for them. So, rationally, I threw the chocolate milk at him, yelled something not nice, and went back to my car where my kids started to cry because I didn't have their chocolate milk. We spent the next 20 minutes driving around to find someplace that had chocolate milk in a drive-thru window.

I drove the next 3 hours angry, miserable, and feeling like the worst parent in the world.

This morning Elliot and I saw a rainbow. Someone let us borrow their umbrella. The lavender in the rain smelled heavenly.


  1. I'm glad today was better then yesterday. That guy was a major jerk to pre-judge. We seem to have a lot of that going around these days.

  2. Now, I expect to see both episodes in your up coming novel. Would sweet be sweet without the bitter? Did Elliot see the connection between the rain and the sweet smell, and you the two strangers? Your a good Mom and a good writer. Oh! and did you get stopped for your headlight that was out?

  3. What a great post! It definitely makes me think about what kind of stranger I am. Am I the stranger that makes a person's day, or breaks it? I hope I'm the former:)

  4. some people. i once had a mean, mean, MEAN lady completely tell me off because my then 16 month old hit her older, bigger toddler girl. it ruined my day, my week, my month.

    (oh, and just today, i left my kids in the car while i pumped gas to run in and get my diet coke. you're not a bad parent... there IS a difference.)

    and thanks for the comment! i was referencing brian regan, way to be the first one to know! and you get a prize too for referencing jimmy eat world in your blog title...

  5. Stupid person. I wish I could kick him in the balls for you. Do people know how hurtful those kind of comments are to mothers who kill themselves with guilt anyway, trying to do everything right? I would have done the same thing as you (except for being brave enough to actually throw the chocolate milk at him), cried and been mad for a long time. I'm sorry friend, what a jerk.


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