Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love for Team Cowan

Just in case you didn't already know, Team Cowan is the absolute best ever.

We were friends before we even met.

It's story time now, so feel free to sit on the carpet criss-cross- applesauce (because apparently they can't say Indian-style anymore)

As Blair's once and future wife, I was embarking upon the rite of passage of meeting Blair's friends.

First there was Rico. We "met" over the phone, which if you're going to meet Rico, is really the best possible way to start things off. He's a great guy (we love our Uncle Rico) but over the phone, he's the most interesting man in the world.

Then I met Mark. Blair's best man at our wedding, and the primary force behind Blair's sushi conversion. As soon as Blair and I got engaged, we went straight to Mark's house to share with him the news. He likes to claim that he was the first person we told, but in all honesty, I called my BFF Katie Hulett on the way to his apartment. (And on a side note, everyone should have at least one dearest friend named Katie. I'm just awesome because I have TWO! )

Jaron (or The Duke) was SO much fun. We don't see him much anymore, but like Blair, he's a basketball coach. We went to the Nike Basketball Coaching Clinic in Vegas with him one year and had a blast trying to take sneaky pictures of crazies.

Brock, Blair's roommate at the time, is... well he's Brock, or you may know him as Goodbye Nova. :)

Last of all there was Zach. Blair had told me about Zach and his wife Katie. Zach was the only one of Blair's friends who had a wife at that time so I was excited anyway to meet her.
Instant Love.
She is lovely, and creative, and silly, and so very smart, crafty, artistic, and absolutely hilarious. When Blair and I were married, Katie helped out with some very amazing things, and I will forever be grateful to her for that. She taught me how to sew awesome t-shirts, AND has two strapping young lads comparable in age to my lovely daughters. Is arranged marriage still frowned upon in our culture? :)

In summation, I love Team Cowan. And not just because of this.

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  1. Know that the instant love was mutual. You taught me to embrace my love of green, you introduced me to The Format (literally), and our topics of conversation have always been... memorable.... :)
    Your wedding day is one of my sweetest memories.
    However, you forgot to shamelessly send your friends over to my blog to toss me a few bucks in your behalf. To anyone reading this - do that. Thanks. :)


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