Sunday, September 26, 2010

Extra Lame

Because I love teamBoo more than any other blog I creepily stalk, what kind of crazed obsessed fan girl would I be if I didn't play Project Boo: Defenseless Babies Edition. Or in my case, defenseless 4-year old who goes through withdrawals if she can't play Lego Harry Potter 20 hours a day. (this is an exaggeration. i promise i'm not that terrible of a mom.)

except... uh....

what is THAT?!

I'm trying to decide if the super ghetto vibe of this picture makes my extra awesome, or just really super lame.

So lame in fact, that i'm starting descend into a existential-blog crisis. Is it possible to have a blog, and not be some kind of semi-professional or super-advanced-amateur photographer?

Seriously, i kind of feel like the kid in middle school with the gross homemade lunch, while all the other cool kids eat their cool lunchables and snack packs.

But having nothing but a weak-a camera phone does capture moments like these:

Behold! Rou crawling into the refrigerator!

And check out these super girls. Best part of our super hero night, was when Elliot came up with a magic spoon that would take us wherever we wanted to go when she whispered into it. I think a tiny conductor may have been living in the spoon as well.

We went to a boat, Africa, the Zoo, and America (sure. okay Elliot.) And we rescued some baby lions. It was an eventful evening, even if the only proof I have of it is something very blurry.

So until the time that Elliot can conjure up a real-life camera out of her tree branch magic wand, i'll keep stalking teamBoo. Maybe i'll send her a cup of my blood. (ok... it's funny if you've seen Blades of Glory, I promise. )


  1. I want to play soon. pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeee?

    with these kids. and you. and your husband.

  2. Thanks for making me laugh. Your comparison of not having a camera, and having the uncool lunch, was magical:)

  3. I think your camera photos are fabulous. They are much better than my entire lack of real photos of my own kids.

    My son played lego batman ad nauseum. I replaced it with lego harry potter, hoping for a slightly more age-appropriate experience, but it hasn't caught on like batman. I too feel like a lousy mother, but then not so much, because an interactive video game IS better than non-interactive television, right?

  4. If you take Rou out of the refrigerator and the leftovers she has her hand in, it looks a little too empty. Do I need to come see you? Are my grandchildren getting enough to eat? You and I need to go to Costco.

  5. My fridge is empty because it is broken. The milk is in the freezer, and everything in the freezer is, well, colder than a fridge, but the ice cream got all soft and nasty. We are hoping someone will be coming to fix is today, though it's been almost a month since they first came and looked at it, so... I have my doubts.


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