Thursday, September 9, 2010

R is for Re-donk-ulous

Time for ten things again? Yes, I think so.

1. I have to tell you a story.

Yesterday I ventured out with all three of my little monkeys to our local colossal retail empire (also affectionately known as walstarmart). As I pulled into the parking lot, I see this little girl in a shopping cart holding a brand-new-shiny-princessy-pink ball. Cedar City, being known for it's malice, rips the ball out of the poor girl's arms with it's rather savage winds. So, naturally, I ditch my kids in the car, and race top-speed across the parking lot to retrieve the ball for this little girl (she couldn't have been more than 2).

I being the amazing track star I am (riiiiight...) recovered the ball, and headed back to the parking lot, only...

where did the little girl go?

I looked every where, we drove up and down each aisle, asking people if they'd seen the family that this ball belongs to. No luck.So now, it turns out that I am a thief. This ball is still sitting in my car, and my kids keep asking me if we can just take the ball to the little girl's house. Excellent idea kids... too bad I have no freaking clue who this girl might be.

So anyway, if you live in Cedar City, and know of any small girls who were at the Wal on Wednesday, wearing a yellow shirt, and had the misfortune to lose a pink princess ball... please let me know?

2. My BFF is in a play this month, and i'm going to go see it. You should too. Look here for details.

3. Now that I have one kid in Pre-school, it seems like EONS will pass before the other kids get there.

4. Can someone please explain to my husband that while using twitter all the time is #supercool and all, Using all the little #tags just make you #kindofretarded and #superannoying.

5. Mystery Men. Oh how I do love that movie.

6. If you haven't already spent hours and hours reading this blog instead of doing actual work at your job (like me), then you really should go take a peek.

Added bonus, we both have daughters named Elliot. (her's is spelled differently, but still amazeballs.)

7. Did I tell you already that my mouth is out to kill me?

- Abscessed Tooth. -

Hands down the WORST pain I have EVER dealt with (and this coming from a girl who has delivered THREE babies totally unmedicated.)

8. I have a strange urge to go read all the Harry Potter books again.

9. Remember Book Orders from school? Elliot gets them now. Love it.

10. Look what I finished.


  1. I love your Rousseau Gramma Blanket! You are quite the blanket perfectionist -- I never would would have thought :)

    Thanks for the shout out! And wow, awesome blog with the "defenseless baby photos" -- those are so cool!

  2. Hey Miss Mary Posa, I know summer is over, but I told my sis-in-law Kat Cowan I was going to join your collection of readers. So my list is a summer/fall list. Check it out:

  3. Yes, you can take whatever photos you need :)


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