Monday, September 20, 2010

White Pants

With the exception of skirts on Sundays, and my stretchy workout pants on Zumba days, all I wear are jeans. Currently, every last pair I have either a) don't fit -or- b) fit and have holes in the knees from excessive wear.

Yet somehow here I am, a solid week after Labor day, wearing white pants.


I received them from a friend who was getting rid of some old clothes. Anything from this friend, being super hot and ten bazillion times more fashionable than myself, had to, at the very least, be tried on. I didn't think the white pants would even come close to fitting. Especially since earlier that day...

someone asked me when my baby was due.


Even though i'm 80% robot and don't cry ever,
even when we're watching Toy Story 3 or Up and Blair is sobbing next to me, this got to me hardcore. I cried in my car like an emotionally disturbed four year old. (something with which I have loads of experience)

So when I tried on the impossibly small white pants with no hope whatsoever, only to find them pleasantly closed, I decided I would wear them today just on principle.

No I am not pregnant. Thanks for asking.

So, dear lady who just happens to work at my FAVORITE bookstore, please try to have a little more tact next time I come in to buy charmingly used copies of Rebecca, or to order some more Steven Milhauser.


Recent quotes of awesomeness from my kids:

  • "Mommy, don't call daddy a terrorist."
  • "Please? just a few more minutes?" (in response to my efforts to wake her for school. I thought it'd be a few more years before I started hearing this. guess not.)
  • (eavesdropping while she wishes on a star) "I wish that I can be big so I can be smart like daddy and exercise like mommy, and I wish that I can be big so I can drive a car"

  • "I have Snow White poop. Because I'm a princess."
  • (after giving her a kiss on the cheek outside on a breezy day) "Mommy! the wind blew my kiss away!"
  • "You're the biggest Mommy in the WHOLE WORLD!"

  • "bababababababababadadadadadadaaaaaaaaa...." (you get the idea)

Thanks to Chelsey for the photos. You always save my bacon. Or something...


  1. Mary your white pants look fantastic on your tiny rear!

  2. Dang Pos -- seriously hot! They look fantastic on you!!!

  3. I do love white cropped pants. Even after labor day.

  4. I try to make it a point to wear white from head to toe after labor day just on principle. And you look divine. Nice booty.

  5. This post made me laugh a lot.

    Also, you don't look pregnant at all in these pics. In fact, you look great!

  6. You look very classy and very tiny!

  7. I am not Roger I am your Mom, but I don't know how to post with my name because i'm a computer retard. I think you're classy and tiny! Dad probably does too but he didn't say so.


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