Monday, August 16, 2010

This week is bananas.

What better way to prepare for quite possibly the busiest and most stressful week of the summer than sitting here rather petrified, and blogging about it rather than doing any actual preparation? I'm just full of amazing ideas.

Work face.
Blair's interview at PHS
More work.
Back to school night for Elliot's pre-school. Parents only.
Attempt to recover the house from the weekend hurricane
Blair works a graveyard shift. yuck.

Work Work Lame Sauce
ANOTHER back to school night for Elliot, but this is the one where she comes, meets her teacher, brings her extra clothes, tissues, all that other cubby hole business.

Ready to shoot myself in the face at work
Primary party... wait, go back to Monday and Tuesday and add in preparing for this delightsome* event. Who in their right mind would call someone as scatterbrained and unorganized as myself to a position that requires so much planning and organization? Guh.
Zumba. But of course I promised my class that I would have a dance to the Glee version of Safety Dance ready. So unless an extra hour of choreography materializes i'm going to have to squish that in too.
Another graveyard for Blair. Bless him. He did it so we could have the weekend off.

Hopefully Blair starts working at PHS this day. Which would be great... except of course for the fact that if he does get this job (which we think he probably will) we begin the all-entertaining job of juggling kids, and annoying my boss (who is really too amazing considering all the ridiculousness with my schedule.)
More Zumba

work. yay.
Pack and clean the car
Sigh and lament the fact that I am not my mother and can't for the life of me get the house clean before leaving on a trip. Someday i'll come home to a clean house and it will feel amazing.
The very nanosecond Blair gets out of work we high-tail it to SLC



ahhhhh...... sweet relief.

Oh. And just in case you were wondering about it? Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is hands down the best movie i've ever seen.

*update as of 4:00pm - Yeah. Blair got the job.


  1. Mary, this is exhausting. I don't know what to say other than that. I hope it all comes together swimmingly. And turns out to be the best week in the history of weeks. That could happen, couldn't it?

  2. I always prefer blogging about anything stressful instead of actually doing it. Good luck with everything--I hope the week goes as smoothly as possible and that Blair gets the job. And have fun at Something Corporate!

  3. Oh my gosh. I'd be whimpering in a corner. I've got a bit of school and a new job and I have to sit and twiddle around on ukulele to calm myself down every half hour or so. I bow to you. Congrats about the job. And yay for Scott Pilgrim - I'm going to see it for sure now.

  4. I know where the "...blogging about it rather than doing any actual preparation. I'm just full of amazing ideas." comes from. School starts next week and I got to get my classroom and lessons ready.


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