Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Identity Crisis

First of all, I apologize for my font schizophrenia. It comes to this: I feel the need to express myself and my identity through fonts, and as it turns out... I have no idea exactly who that identity is anymore.
I used to, really! And not just in decorative lettering, oh no. I had a style. I wore band t-shirts nearly every day, I dabbled in pink hair, I made color-based posters out of ripped up magazine ads. I was pretty awesome.

So because I can't find a font that I feel truly epitomizes the real "me" I'm completely questioning my perceived identity.

That's just messed up.

So I finally finished the Mysterious Benedict Society. It was cute. Now I'm reading The Princess Bride and I realize why it took me so long to tromp through M.B.S. and why I am zooming through the marvelous Morgenstern abridgment. William Goldman can write. I know that selecting literature that is aimed at ten year olds may have something to do with it. I am not ten years old (well... not chronologically anyway) therefore I should have seen it coming. HOWEVER. Just because a book is aimed at younger readers should NOT be an excuse for lameness. Don't get me wrong, M.B.S. had some good characters, it had some real potential, and was all in all a moderately enjoyable read. But Harry Potter it ain't.

I'm a little over half way done with my summer reading list now, and have read only 3 so far that I would consider 5 star reads. Though that number may go up soon. Like I said, Princess Bride is amazing. I'm astounded it's taken me SO long to start it. I'm also reading One Hundred Years of Solitude (audio book). LOVING it so far.

Anyway. Tomorrow is Elliot's birthday. Hooray!!

And I'm considering taking up a collection for a new camera. Who wants to read a blog with no pictures on it? Not me.


  1. I only got halfway through One Hundred Years of Solitude in Jim's class before the year ended. I never did end up finishing it even though it was amazing. Good luck with your reading list and figuring out your identity.

  2. Yeah, I get the font thing. I spend hours choosing fonts for our advertising stuff and it IS a reflection of what is going on internally. It can be exhausting! I remember reading Princess Bride for the first time when I was 14, in Washington, and it saving my life because it made me laugh so hard. I LOVE the way Buttercup and Wesley are described in the book versus the movie. Of course she's a total airhead! It makes more sense, and makes Wesley all that more attractive. Mmmm... he's so dreamy.


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