Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Crazy Little Lady

My Miss Elliot is Four.

I have a four-year old.

How did this happen?

Four things my Elliot loves:
1. Black Present Bear
2. Standing on her head
3. Making Rousseau laugh
4. Telling *jokes*

Elliot's Four favorite jokes:
1. Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because he wasn't PEELING well!!!
2. What did the old man say to the old woman? Where's my socks!!
3. Why did the ocean talk to the other ocean? Nothing! he was just waving!
(here's where it gets... creative)
4. Peas restaurant? Why do they call it peas restaurant KA-CHOW!!!
(Other jokes in this vein include a question involving some surreal combination of subjects, with the punchline KA-CHOW!!! I have no idea where she got this.)

Elliot and cousin Aspen

Elliot's Four wishes:
1. To be big enough to drive a car and play her Cinderella computer game
2. To be smart like daddy
3. To exercise like mommy
4. To grow up and make a blanket for mommy

Four things I LOVE about my Elliot:
1. The way she starts nearly every sentence with "Actually..."
2. Listening to her very logical explanations of why things happen, like: "Actually Mom, sometimes cars just get broken, and that's why we take them and put them up on big trucks so that they can get fixed." Then she shrugs her shoulders in a very matter-of-fact, that's-just-the-way-things-are-don't-blame-me kind of way.
3. Her gorgeous dark red hair (when it's combed, of course)
4. Her delightful little giggle. I could listen to it all day.


  1. Very excellent list. You have a lovely daughter.

    I remember you bringing Elliot in to the WC shortly after she was born. I can't believe it's been four years.

  2. Awwww... happy birthday Miss Elliot! We had such fun with her and your other teeny tiny girls when they came and played. Lux wants to tell Elliot that she would get her a new necklace and pack of gum if she remembered that it was her birthday, but she forgot. She's sorry about that :)


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