Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things that are saving my life today

My RX Bandits t-shirt

The hope of making this for Rousseau

Vampire Weekend

This poem. I'm sorry. It's cliche, it's over used, but I needed it.

Popping bubble wrap at my desk

Zumba in less than 8 hours


Blair's changed the ringtone on his phone to the theme from Star Wars. I don't think I fully realized just how perfect this guy is for me back when I married him. SO much more nerdy than I ever could have hoped for. I tried to counter it by changing mine to the theme from Star Trek: The Next Generation... but it just didn't quite have the same power. Don't take this as a concession of any kind. I was raised on both.


  1. HI mary! Cannibal the musical? Aw man that took me back and made me start laughing. Chow and Russ are the best and it is so great to hear from someone from the fantastic cedar days! I would TOTALLY make this for bigger girls. In fact when I went a little over board with the ruffles I thought maybe I should just cut around the U shape and sew the whole thing to a bigger shirt for me... but I figure Abby looks hilariously cut drowning in ruffles :) 3 girls? how fun is that! Girls are so much more fun to sew for, there are only so many capes I can make my boys ha! The material is Michael Miller and I think is called Dandy although i could be way off on that, I only had this little but left. Thanks!

  2. One of my friends in college laminated bookmarks with that Frost poem and gave them to all her friends. SUU is just some little state school, but it really has made all the difference.

    I absolutely think that poetry and literature can be lifesaving. Good luck surviving the day!

  3. I'm with you on the bubble wrap in fact I could go for a whole sheet about NOW!


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