Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's tickets to that thing you love!

I assume everyone is probably sick of hearing about my reading list, so I'll keep this brief (I should probably skip it all together, but it's been the main thing on my mind as of late, so there).
I removed Mockingjay from my summer list since I probably won't have time to get it finished since it is released 4 days before my deadline, and I doubt I'll get it in time.

SO, it's being replaced with Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. I've haven't really read many mysteries, and this one is widely considered a classic in the genre, so there's that. Mockingjay is on the list I'm creating to finish out the year. And I'm VERY excited about some of the books.

To Business!

1. I may not have a camera, but I do have the skills to convince my dad to take a bazillion pictures with his while we were visiting over the 4th.

The Girls and GrandmaPosa (Astoria makes being "really really ridiculously good-looking" look easy)

Elliot is dead serious about her firework picture. Serious as a heart-attack while piloting a zepplin over a bacon factory. (see item 2)

Admire my amazing photo editing skills.

2. I do not wish my husband was the Old Spice guy, and he does, in fact, smell like a man (man), but that doesn't mean we can't stay up way past our bedtime watching these.

3. Equation for the worst day. (Seriously So Blessed + Stuff White People Like) / A full day of nothing to do at work = Feelings of complete unoriginality, self-worth issues, and all around grouchiness. In summation; Avoid.

4. Someday, I would like to take an alone vacation. Not a long one, just maybe a short weekend. Obviously it will be awhile before something like that can happen, by the time Rou will be finished with nursing, we will be thigh-deep in basketball season. I would go someplace rainy and read books outside under an awning at coffee shops and eat lunch someplace ethnic and walk around a city just looking at things. It's tentatively scheduled for Octember 37th, 20someday. I know how selfish and ridiculous that sounds. I know. But maybe the fact that it's logistically impossible makes it all the more alluring.

5. Astoria has the best Zoolander faces i've ever seen.

Blue Steel

Le Tigre


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  1. Stuff White People Like has called into question the entirety of my self-identity. I know now that I am a social construct. Still, it is too funny.

    I quite enjoy the New Spice parody--Study Like A Scholar (Scholar).


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