Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Cool Guys

I have the pleasure of being acquainted with some seriously awesome guys, who are also world travelers. Today's ten things includes a few.

1. This guy. He's leaving this week for a most righteous and triumphant mission in Tokyo, Japan. My girls absolutely adore their Uncle Joel, and are really going to miss him. Blair and I will also miss him. Joel is an all around amazing kid, and I know he'll do great things. Good luck Uncle Joel!

2. This guy. World traveler extraordinaire. He is an amazing photographer, super daddy, not to mention he has exquisite taste in women (he's married to my very dearest friend in the world)
Go look at his site, if you are getting married in a strange and exotic land, or just want to get some severely bad-ass family photos taken. Kevin is the guy. (And Katie too of course).


Photography Website

Reading List

3. So... I accidentally bought some waterproof mascara last week, and I'm having a totally unnecessary crisis about it. I actually don't wear any makeup at all except for mascara, and ridiculous amounts of moisturizer (this Oregon native skin doesn't love living in the desert so much). But seriously, who wears this crap and actually likes it? It gets all smudgy under my eyes, I can't wash it off without going out and buying eye makeup remover, and for that price I may as well just go buy new mascara. grrr. lame.

4. On Friday, Blair and I thought we had been robbed yet again. We have had 4 packages go missing in the last 2 weeks, and we thought someone was stealing mail packages off our doorstep. I got so upset about it that I barfed in the wal*mart. nice. A day later we find out that our *special* mail carrier had put all of our packages in a lock box and *forgotten* to leave us a key.


You stay classy USPS. Luckily the Sees chocolate my mommy sent me for mothers day was not yet melted. Ahhh, silver lining.

5. Today for breakfast I ate broccoli, and a Twix.

6. I had a dream last night that I was going to try out for a roller derby team. I was practicing skating at the church building I attended as a kid. Oh, roller derby...

7. I've realized that I will probably never be a truly effective Zumba teacher, because I don't listen to the radio. How am I supposed to know what all the cool kids want to dance to?

8. Elliot is under the impression that a headache, is called a "head-egg". I discovered this when she told me that headaches are yellow and white.

9. There is this game that the Einfeldts like to play. It's kind of a weird cross between the telephone game and pictionary. Needless to say, it is amazing and hilarious. We all played it last night while we had Joel around. It's basically a wellspring of classic inside jokes that we can use to annoy people for ages to come. And for the record, the grim reaper welcomes you to New York. :)

10. I'm the teensiest bit behind in my summer reading list. If I can just finish A Passage to India by the end of tomorrow though, i'll be back on track. Bam.


  1. Mascara is totally a crisis for me. I've bough 4 tubes in the last month. Its just stupid. But Loreal seems to be the way to go.

  2. Wow, I am so glad I don't wear mascara. Every time I order something, I live in fear the package will be stolen or not delivered. I like broccoli and Twix bars, but not together or for breakfast. Now go finish your Forster--wham bam pam!--and tell me if you like it.

  3. wow, thanks Mary! That is super duper nice of you! I'm stoked to be part of your reading club/blog. Lots of love ;)


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