Friday, May 14, 2010

I do like my daughters so very much

How have I come this far in life having never listen to Muse? Tell me this.

Anyway. It is rather apparent that I need a real camera.But maybe it's for the best. Most of the pictures I take of these girls are a blur, which fits since that's pretty much how they look in real life. Elliot in the last week has finally got a hang of potty training, and is even dry through the night. Whew! I was seriously starting to get concerned that she would be the only kid in preschool still in a pull-up. Thank goodness she finally got it all figured out. Since i finished her blanket, she's been telling me that when she grows up and is a mom that she is going to make me a blanket too. Sweet. I like her.

Last night in sorting laundry, I started a box of newborn clothes that Rou no longer fits into. Not fair. Can't she just stay tiny for a wee bit longer? She scoots all over the place, hunting for paper to shove in her mouth. She still won't eat ANYTHING but what i can provide for her, but she will eat paper. Nice.

Also, the more I hang out with Stori, the more I realize that she is more like me than I previously realized. She is obsessed with books. Not just interested. OBSESSED. I hear the phrase "weed it, mommy, weed it! Oh Pweese mommy, weed it!" more than almost anything else. (except maybe "can I? can I?" it's adorable) We probably read at least 15 books a day, minimum. It doesn't matter what i'm doing, she will find me, shove a book in my lap, and insist that I read it to her. The funny part is that halfway through the book she usually takes over, pausing only when she encounters a word she doesn't know ("mommy, what does this says?"). She can read more words than Elliot, easy. I also was an early reader. She dances whenever she hears the smallest snippet of music, and is not only fiercely competitive, she has a bit of a mean streak (also a lot like me).

In summation: I think my kids are pretty awesome.

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