Thursday, May 20, 2010

The next time I see Katie C? I'm gonna kick her in the knees.

Just kidding Katie. So she wanted to play the "let's make a soundtrack for our lives" game. Sounds like fun right? More like stressful and aggravating (but in a rather fun way I guess.)

First of all, I start WAY overthinking things. For example, are we making this soundtrack on the assumption that my life is a movie? That would be a rather boring movie. I have mixed feeling on this point. Next, the song selection. It would be much too easy to just go and pick my ten most favorite songs and use that as my soundtrack. Oh no, I need to select music which would be appropriate for the various "scenes" that will be appearing. I'm making this way too complicated I know. Then, of course, there is the problem of using music because I have seen it in a movie, and loved that particular song. I don't want to be, like, a poseur or anything. (heh heh) For example, Sabotage by Beastie Boys (been used Star Trek.) or that really pretty one by Aimee Mann in Magnolia - you know the one I'm talking about. anyway. ALSO. is this movie a musical? I'm assuming no. If it was, I'd of course have a completely different soundtrack. Well, in fact I DO have one. I wrote a play in college which was a Moulin Rouge-type musical, anyway so I guess I'll skip those songs. And finally I come up with a list that has 35 songs on it. I am now supposed to cut that 35 down to ten. TEN!?!?!? Come ON Katie! In the cutting process I had to slice Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack, Radiohead, Something Corporate (cry), Brand New, Incubus, The Format, fun., The Eels...

I made it to 13. Sorry Katie, I tried.

And last of all, if it's a slightly depressing, but romantic and beautiful sort of movie in the vein of Garden State or 500 days of Summer or something slightly indie like that. Here is the ending song.

If you actually just listened to all those songs? The next time I see you, I will buy you a cupcake. One of those gourmet ones even. And i'll give you a high-five. Because those are the best.


  1. No other blog post title has ever captured my attention like this one - well done:) Vampire Weekend, very nice, especially with Jake Gyllenhaal. Also like Owl City. The cupcake is not necessary, but I will take a brownie, thank you very much. My list is taking me longer.

  2. Man, I still get so jealous when you spend time talking about a different friend named Katie. Katie -- the 11-year-old inside of me really doesn't like you, but the adult me is happy you are a friend to Mary (although it is also green with envy).

    I liked the Matches and Jack Mannequin the most and listened to all of them except for Bright Eyes (because I really don't like Bright Eyes although I've tried). I like your soundtrack! It's Mary, Mary, awesome.

  3. I KNOW it's JackS Mannequin, so everybody knows. My three-year-old is being distracting.

  4. I would see this movie, Mary! My favorite song was "Bruised" because I love Jack's Mannequin. I probably won't make my own list because of all the reasons it made you crazy, but I will be thinking about it.

  5. I just had to comment because of your post title, very excellent. I might kick her too, just for fun. I am married to Katie C's brother and I saw your blog on hers. I like your music list and I will be sending you my summer reading list soon.
    T Sigg

  6. Haha, hey Taya. That's funny.
    K, loved the list. I LOVE how you separated it into different scenes. Now I'm rethinking my whole soundtrack. First song - awesome. Villian song - perfect. Lisztomania - Zach LOVES this song. And I do too. Good pick. Zumba maybe?? I can see it. Oh, and the "People getting stuff done. I don't know, like building a house or something." Hilarious. Is there an Amish scene in your movie perhaps?? And your end credits TOTALLY take me back. That's one of those nostalgic songs. I'm like, 14 years old all over again. And I really like the alternate end credits song. I'm thinking I should like Bright Eyes.
    So, our lists are very different. I'm thinking we would have very different movies. Mine didn't even have an super-hero-esque moments. But, I would watch your movie. Ooh, wait, could I be IN your movie?? :)
    Love you. Miss you.


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