Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear Magic 8 Ball...

I am the absolute worst at making decisions.

No seriously. My chest clenches up, and I get anxiety attacks, and I grind my teeth...

So let's just say that the past few weeks have not been my favorite.First there's Blair. He's now finished with his student teaching at PHS. He sincerely loves it there, and has some really great kids (not to mention some ridiculous talent and a potential run at the state tourney next season) Unfortunately, there are no teaching positions opening up in P-town. Lo and Behold, he gets an offer from Manti. English teacher attached to the head boys basketball coaching job. Oh, but don't worry, they asked Blair to interview the day we are supposed to be posing for pictures with Pooh bear, and riding in magic teacups. Right...

Cue The Clash here: should i stay or should i go...

We've been stewing over this for the last few weeks, but the decision needed to be made by today. And while the decision we came to may not be the most logical (which is huge to Blair) it's the one that feels right. And lets just say... those teacups better be pretty dang magical.
Now decision number 2 is not really quite as life altering, but it's still a pretty big deal to me. I have till Sunday to decide whether or not i'm going to attend the Zumba instructor training workshop in Vegas. Easy right? No brainer. Do it. However... there is the issue of having a 4 month old that doesn't exactly take bottles well. Would it really be wise to leave her to go to Vegas for an all day workshop? Or if i took someone with me that could watch her while i'm in class, and then I could feed her during my breaks... but seriously, who wants to hang around Vegas all day with someone else's infant. sigh...

In the meantime?

I'm taking this opportunity

To get caught up on LOST.

(any advice, as always, is welcome.)


  1. LOVE lost. My husband and I just marathoned all 5 previous seasons, bought the first few episodes of season 6 on itunes and watched the rest on hulu. Now that we are all caught up, there is a void.

    Wish I had some advice for you on nursing infant attachments, but I'm still trying to figure all that stuff out myself.

  2. In just over ten years (when we retire from the military), if all goes as planned (and you never know how that's going to go), I will permanently be living in Manti (which I LOVE, even though I understand perfectly that it is not for everyone), and we are currently buying my husband's parents' house there right now (my husband is from Manti), and I am a devout believer that Disneyland IS in fact the happiest place on earth (and always a good choice), so in conclusion, good luck with the job hunt:)


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