Friday, April 16, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Disney.

I have had many extensive conversations with myself on how this blog post was going to go down. Lists always seem to win. But first, I want to tell a sad story. This does not go on the list because i would prefer it to be a happy list. We stayed in Phoenix for a couple nights to visit my grandparents before heading on to CA. While there my car got broken into, and my purse stolen. Lame lame LAME. I'll spare you the list of all the things that were inside, because A. what a downer, and B. it's not going to do any good. Let's just say everything was in there. And now I'm going through the ridiculous process of calling a billion people to prove that I am, in fact, myself. But just as we tried our best not to let the incident ruin our trip, i will try not to let that story ruin this blog post.

So, onward!
1. Elliot and Astoria did amazingly well, considering how completely dramatic they are. I think we only had three complete meltdowns, and it was nothing a peanut butter sandwich couldn't fix.

2. Astoria LOVED It's a Small World. Yay, at least I have someone on my team.

3. Met some characters:

Love this picture so much. Cinderella looks a little tipsy, and Elliot seems to be getting a little too comfortable there.

4. Monster Faces!!!
5. Blair, the fantastic guy that he is wore the baby backpack about 75% of the time. What a trooper. We also made a deal that we each got to go on one "big kid ride" while the other one took the girls. Blair's pick: Tower of Terror. Mine: California Screamin' (I freaking LOVE fast roller coasters)

Blair and the Cheshire Cat. This picture was followed by an intense discussion on how Disney basically destroyed our favorite childrens books (Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan respectively). As horrible as those adaptations are, we're still total Disney kids. This is actually the 5th Disney trip Blair and I have been on in the almost 7 years of knowing each other.

6. Elliot's gastrointesntinal sensitivities scored her a free T-shirt. Um... Yay?

7. The crowds were really not bad at all. Longest we waited in any line was I think 30 minutes. Advice to anyone going this year: The BEST times to go are mid-week (we did Tues and Wed) Preferably during the school year. And we rode the teacups and the Pooh ride each about 5 times. Score.
I can hardly describe the awesomeness.

9. Dinner at the all-you-can-eat barbecue place in Frontierland. Ohhhhh so delicious.

10. Spending a week with my favorite guy and the three best kids a girl could possibly hope for.


  1. You know, Advanced Crit Theory turned Disneyland into a simulacrum for me--not that it still isn't fun. I'm also a Disney kid at heart, even if they did ruin fairy tales--just an excellent reason to check out the originals. Booberry about your purse! Hooray for your list. And I also love the Cinderella pic.

  2. I admit, it's crackin' me up that your daughter is feelin' up the princess - it's like I'm in junior high or something. Glad to hear you had a good time. Jealous much.


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