Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Regina Spektor, Basketball, and Tummy Aches

Well, Elliot was sick last night. I'm not feeling super awesome today either. Wonderful.

So for those of you wondering about Blair and his team this season, things are going pretty well. Blair's JV team at Cedar High is 8-1 so far (which is AWESOME), and Region play starts tonight (kind of) with a game at Snow Canyon. I'm really proud of Blair and the way he has developed such a wonderful relationship with his players. It really seems like they look up to him and want to play hard for him. Blair is totally immersed. Last night Teen Wolf with Michael J. Fox was on TV, and Blair pointed out everything that they were doing wrong, and all the fouls that should have taken place in the basketball scene. Hilarious. We are not so secretly hoping that some good opportunities come our way soon in the teaching/head coaching department. We'd like to be at a 3A school at the least. Sorry, but i think we'd say "No Thank You" a Gunnison, or a Valley or something itty bitty like that. No offense to people who live in those cities.

This time of year i'm starting to think that moving to Arizona would sound very nice. I really really dislike wintertime.

I'm listening to some Regina Spektor today. So in love. Makes me wish i would have stayed in piano lessons. I listen to my little brother (in-law) Jace play the piano sometimes, He is going to be awesome i think. I know that if i used my pretty keyboard i'd probbably feel a little better, the goal is to find a time when i can sit down and play it and a kid isn't scrambling up my lap, trying to play and mess with the volume controls.

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  1. Oh come on. Don't you know that Gunnison is only 15 minutes away from me??


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